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16 October 2019
22 dishes from translators

Around the world in 22 dishes

If you are a foodie translator (or either of the two), then you have come to the right place to celebrate World Food Day with us! […]
29 September 2019
Books for International Translation Day

International Translation Day and indigenous languages – 10 must-read books

If you didn’t know there’s a special day dedicated to translators, interpreters and language enthusiasts everywhere, that may be due to the fact that it’s a […]
31 May 2016
72 professional translators

Learn from the experts! 72 professional translators, 139 FREE* tools to help you stay on top of your game

One thing I strongly believe in is that we live to learn something new every day and the best way to do so is by listening […]
04 May 2016
Translating surveys

Challenges in translating surveys

The art of translation is never more under a microscope than when attempting to convey the contents of a survey in a target language. Notwithstanding the […]
13 April 2016
Dog tired

Challenges with translating animal metaphors

In every civilisation in history, animals have played a significant role. Stories of talking animals, moral lessons using animals as the main characters and a huge […]
10 March 2016

The potential impact of Brexit on small businesses

On the 23rd of June, as you might know, the UK will be voting whether it will continue to remain part of the EU family or […]
12 February 2016
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day special

The season of love is upon us again, and yet again we scramble for the right gifts, the right cards, and the right way to say […]
10 June 2015
Translating legal documents

Challenges in translating legal documentation

The main challenge of translating legal documents is the fact that different countries use different legal systems and sometimes that means that using the right terminology is paramount.
15 May 2015

Native or non-native… this is the question

When it comes to the translation industry (I know some of you are not fond of the term ­industry, but since the dictionary definition also includes […]