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16 October 2019
22 dishes from translators

Around the world in 22 dishes

If you are a foodie translator (or either of the two), then you have come to the right place to celebrate World Food Day with us! […]
31 May 2016
72 professional translators

Learn from the experts! 72 professional translators, 139 FREE* tools to help you stay on top of your game

One thing I strongly believe in is that we live to learn something new every day and the best way to do so is by listening […]
10 March 2016

The potential impact of Brexit on small businesses

On the 23rd of June, as you might know, the UK will be voting whether it will continue to remain part of the EU family or […]
12 February 2016
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day special

The season of love is upon us again, and yet again we scramble for the right gifts, the right cards, and the right way to say […]
24 December 2014
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Inbox Translation!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Navidad, Natal, Yule or just taking a break from work, this is a time to look back at the year which is […]
26 November 2014

Dear scammer

As some of you are aware (or at least I hope you are), there’s this plague affecting the translation profession: it’s called scammers. And by that […]
31 October 2014

Halloween – History and customs around the world

Contrary to what many people think, Halloween is not the exclusive festival of the Christian West. In fact, not many people are even aware that it […]
06 August 2014

3000+ translation glossaries – from abbreviations to zoology and everything in between

Glossaries are an invaluable tool for translators (and not only). Finding good glossaries is not always an easy task – it can be time-consuming and sometimes […]
28 July 2014

How to deal with rejection as a freelancer

As exciting as it may sound, freelancing (whatever the field) is not always the idyllic career that people believe it to be – it can be […]