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13 November 2014

10 Romanian idioms to celebrate the Day of Multilingual Blogging 2014

  Happy Day of Multilingual Blogging! I had initially thought of writing this post in Romanian, but realised the audience would be slightly more limited :). […]
24 October 2014

7 Good reasons for translating menus in hotel restaurants

With globalisation, a higher standard of living across the world, low-cost airfares, highly competitive hotel prices and tourist agencies that are prepared to organise all aspects […]
28 July 2014

How to deal with rejection as a freelancer

As exciting as it may sound, freelancing (whatever the field) is not always the idyllic career that people believe it to be – it can be […]
27 May 2014

15 FREE tools for translators (and not only) that you might not know you need

The advancements in technology have made it possible for people of different languages, traditions and customs to come into contact. As was expected, translators and interpreters […]
13 May 2014

5 interesting oddities and rules of the English language

The English language is fascinating, bizarre, and sometimes downright scary. It consists of the best and worst elements of ancient languages, and not even native speakers […]
25 April 2014

Challenges in translating literature

It’s been a while, I know, but here we are with a new post in our ‘Challenges’ series. The other articles deal with challenges in translating […]
14 March 2014

Constructed languages

The day that human civilisation realized that it could actually ‘concoct’ languages artificially instead of having to use existing ‘natural’ tongues, constructed languages were born. Conlangs, […]
13 February 2014

How (not) to be a professional translator and 6 tips to help you become one

A professional translator’s job is not as easy as it may look. Bilingual dictionaries, glossaries, the internet at one’s fingertips, an innate curiosity and love of […]
06 February 2014

9 tips on how to spot translator scammers

Some while ago, I had written a post on scammers and how to avoid them. If that post was written from a freelancer’s point of view […]