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07 March 2014

The languages of India

In 1961, the census identified no less than 1,652 mother tongues in the Indian subcontinent. 30 of them, according to a census conducted 40 years later […]
01 March 2014

The languages of Oscars

Tomorrow, Sunday 2nd of March, the whole world will be watching anxiously to see the winners of the 86th edition of the Academy Awards, more popularly […]
13 February 2014

How (not) to be a professional translator and 6 tips to help you become one

A professional translator’s job is not as easy as it looks. A bilingual dictionary, the internet and a working knowledge of the source and target languages […]
06 February 2014

9 tips on how to spot translator scammers

Some while ago, I had written a post on scammers and how to avoid them. If that post was written from a freelancer’s point of view […]
28 January 2014

Challenges in translating for the advertising industry

Advertising is a world of compelling imagery and deftly wielded wordplay, and writing captivating copy for an advertisement is probably one of the hardest things to […]
16 January 2014

A few thoughts on Facebook

Following a previous post I wrote about Twitter, I am going to try and discuss a few aspects of using Facebook – for business purposes, but […]
19 December 2013

Why freelancers are happier than day-jobbers

Breaking out into a freelancing career is not an easy experience by any measure. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s awesome, it’s dreadful, it’s sensational, it’s depressing […]
13 December 2013

Childhood playground games – a multilingual comparison of etymology

Ah, childhood games! I bet all of you look back at those (more or less distant) times with pleasure and maybe a bit of nostalgia. Those […]
06 December 2013

How many things you love can you share in 10 minutes?

This is a post inspired by Olga Arakelyan’s post – you can read more about the idea on her blog. I really enjoyed reading about her […]