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25 June 2013
Interpreter writing on a notepad

The challenges of consecutive interpreting

I simply cannot help starting with a remark I have recently heard from someone (in my own circle of friends) who has little idea has no […]
19 June 2013
Movie reel, popcorn and 3D glasses

Challenges in film translation

Film translation can be a tough and onerous job. If it’s done well, it can help garner the acclaim of film technicians and critics the world […]
11 June 2013

Proofreading for linguists: edit copy like a pro

Being a writer in today’s digital world means more opportunities for more people. The average amount of content generated every day is so huge that even […]
04 June 2013
Stone inscription

Ancient languages of the world

When asked, most people have no idea that there are so many ancient languages that have graced historic times on this planet. At least 12 distinct […]
27 August 2012

5 things you need to know before starting working as a translator/interpreter

1. Clarification. First and foremost you should know that the work of a translator has little to do with that of an interpreter. The right path […]
15 August 2012
Headset, keyboard and a bottle of water

Why is simultaneous interpreting challenging?

The challenges of simultaneous interpretation depend on several factors which may or may not turn an interpreter’s job into a nightmare. Some people feel attracted to […]
04 March 2012
Never stop learning message next to books

Continuing professional development: 5 tips for linguists

Working as a professional linguist is a never-ending learning process.  If you are specialised in a sector which is constantly developing, such as IT, you will […]
25 September 2011

Top tips for interpreters

If you want to be a professional interpreter, whatever the language combination,  there are some things you need to consider: 1. Dress code. Dress smartly and […]
18 August 2011
Scammer written on a paper

Scammers – love ’em or hate ’em?

I know that the question in the title may seem a rhetorical question, but someone with enough common sense as not to fall into their traps, […]