77 advertising, marketing and sales glossaries

The lingo of advertising and its related fields of marketing and sales is fascinating but difficult at times. That is where the following glossaries will come in handy. With terms covering both the online and offline aspects, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Read the description to help you choose.

Right Angles – A PR jargon buster that will do more than just clarify the meanings of some terms. It will make you chuckle. And who doesn’t like a bit of fun? We recommend it wholeheartedly. Definitely the funniest glossary around here :).

About – About.com has put together a list of terms that are commonly encountered in the field of marketing.

Ad Age – This list of terms contains some of the most popular words used in today’s advertising (more specifically, in today’s Internet advertising).

Ad Fonic – Most of the words you will encounter here are related to mobile advertising and their definitions are taken from MMA (the Mobile Marketing Association).

Ad Glossary – This website has put together a long list of words commonly encountered in online advertising. The explanations given are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Ad Review – This glossary of advertising terminology contains terms that are related mostly to ‘traditional’ advertising (print, TV etc.)

All About Jazz – Although this site may lead you to think that this page is dedicated to jazz terminology, it would not be true. This particular page is focused on online advertising terminology and you will find here some of the most popular words used in this field.

Appnexus – An extensive list of online advertising terms, with easy-to-understand and to-the-point explanations for each term.

Association of Advertisers in Ireland – The Association of Advertisers in Ireland has put together this wonderful resource for those trying to understand the advertising jargon better. In addition to a large number of terms and easy-to-understand explanations, this particular glossary shows a great advantage: it can be saved as a PDF file and checked in offline mode as well.

Catalyst MLM – This glossary focuses on a very specific type of marketing: Multi-Level Marketing (also known as MLM).

OUTFRONT Media​​​ Inc. – This glossary of advertising terminology focuses on outdoors advertising jargon.

Comission Junction – Online marketing may be a field that is still quite new to all of us, but in a relatively short amount of time it has developed its very own jargon. This glossary focuses specifically on those terms that are most encountered in the affiliate marketing area.

Copywriting-on-Demand – Copywriting is a very important part of advertising. Naturally, it has developed its own ‘lingo’ and this website has tried to put together the most encountered words used in this field.

Cumulus Radio – A great resource if you are looking for terms connected to radio advertising. The terms are grouped according to the order in which they are encountered in the industry: radio organisations, radio time, radio listening measurement, commercial buying and commercial scheduling-related terms.

Direct Online Marketing – A glossary centred on Internet marketing terminology (including terms that are related to the most popular tools used in the field).

Dummies – This glossary contains the most commonly used terms in Local online advertising and each of them is explained in a very easy-to-understand and informal way.

emarketing University – This is a glossary that contains the most important terms connected to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Facebook – Facebook is more than the go-to place of procrastination. For online advertisers, it is a great tool of making their ideas known in the e-sphere. Naturally, Facebook has come up with a glossary that will help everyone understand the language used by these advertisers.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – This is another website from which you would not expect to see a glossary focusing on marketing. Still, they have put together one and it is quite good: large number of words and easy-to-understand explanations for each of them.

Interactive Advertising Bureau 1 – A good resource if you are looking for terms related to interactive advertising. There is a large number of words explained here, so chances are that you will find what you are looking for.

Interactive Advertising Bureau 2 – This is another interactive advertising glossary (very similar to the first one and created by the same people). However, this version can be saved as a PDF file (and used even when you are not connected to the Internet).

Kranz Communications – This is a glossary focusing on terms commonly used by the people who work with the creative part of advertising (copywriters, creative directors, etc.)

marketing Sherpa – Email marketing, like any other sub-field of marketing, has its own language and this glossary lists some of its most important terms.

Marketo – This webpage contains not one glossary, but eleven of them, focusing on different areas related to marketing: email deliverability, B2B blogging, B2B social marketing, email marketing, sales 2.0, the changing B2B buyer, landing page optimisation, salesforce.com for marketers, lead nurturing, lead scoring and marketing automation.

Metznik – This is a glossary that contains no less than 250 terms related to inbound marketing. Furthermore, you can save it on your computer and use it when not connected to the Internet.

Monash University – This marketing dictionary contains some of the most important terms in the field and gives comprehensive definitions for each of them. If you haven’t found your word in other similar glossaries, do check this one out as well.

National advertising Initiative – This glossary does not contain a lot of terms. However, they may prove very useful for those who are trying to get a better understanding of online advertising.

Net:101 – The terms listed down in this glossary are mostly connected to Internet marketing, but you can find here words that are related to website building and other adjacent fields.

Openx – Another Internet advertising glossary that contains a lot of terms. If you are still looking for a particular term, this may be the place to find it.

Outdoor advertising Association of America – A glossary focusing on terms connected more to the ‘old-school’ advertising industry, and not so much on online advertising.

Passion Digital – This Digital marketing glossary is split into five parts: web basics, search engine terminology, online marketing, analytics and social media.

Pearson Education – A well-researched glossary containing a lot of terms related to advertising, marketing and salesmanship.

Postmedia Integrated advertising – This is a glossary focusing almost exclusively on print advertising.

Purdue University – A great resource when you are trying to understand marketing terminology better. You will find here a very large number of words and they will be explained in an easy-to-understand way. Moreover, it comes in a PDF format, so you can also save it on your computer.

Quirk – A good digital marketing glossary whose makers allow you to print the glossary directly from their page.

Scenic Kentucky – This is a very well-researched glossary of outdoor advertising-related terminology.

Search Engine Watch – A Search Engine Marketing glossary containing the most important terms in the field.

Seattle Times Company – If you are looking for a term you haven’t found in the other advertising glossaries presented here, then this may be the place for you.

Sempo – This is a Search Engine Marketing glossary that comes in three versions: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

SEO Book – A rich, comprehensive resource for those trying to understand SEO and SEO terminology better.

Smaato – You will find here some of the most important terms used in mobile advertising.

Southside marketing – This website hosts a general marketing glossary containing some of the most popular terms in the field. If you want to, you can also print the glossary using the button provided by the site.

Steve Toms – A marketing glossary containing 326 terms which was originally built for students (therefore, you can expect the definitions here to be easy to understand).

Sugarrae – You may have encountered some of the terms presented in this glossary of terms related to SEO; however, further explanations may help you understand certain terms better.

The Florida State University – Another great PDF resource when it comes to marketing terminology. The large number of words, as well as the comprehensive explanations given for each of them may be very useful for some of you.

The Interactive advertising Bureau of Canada – An advertising glossary provided by a certified association (you can thus expect it to be a reliable source of information).

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions – A rich and reliable marketing glossary you can use if you are looking for terms you haven’t found somewhere else or if you are looking for further explanations related to certain terms.

The National Social marketing Centre – Another reliable resource when it comes to marketing terminology. However, this one focuses specifically on social marketing and it can be saved as a PDF file.

The Newspaper Agency Corporation – This website has put together a list of some of the most encountered terms in Internet advertising. You can save the glossary as a PDF file and, if you want to, you can check out the other related glossary as well (focusing on general Internet terminology and acronyms).

The Savy Partnership – A list containing both ‘traditional’ and more recent terms related to marketing.

Think Box – This is an advertising glossary focusing specifically on TV advertising and its special language.

Tutor2U – A PDF marketing glossary that can be extremely useful if you are trying to understand marketing terminology better.

TVB Local Media marketing Solutions – This is a general marketing glossary whose different structure may prove helpful for some of you (for instance, it provides you with a classification of alternate delivery systems).

Video Cloud – An advertising glossary in which you may find words not mentioned in other similar glossaries. Also, some of the words are provided with cross-reference links, which may help you understand everything better.

Visual Solutions – This list contains terms you will most likely encounter in the development of a marketing website.

What Is – This is a general advertising glossary that provides its users with cross-reference links that make understanding a term easier.

Salesopedia – An extensive sales and marketing glossary containing hundreds of terms and phrases which you can search directly in the Search column or you can view alphabetically.

Cycle of Sales – Here you will find a small list of the most common sales terms encountered in this industry and their respective definitions.

Vorsight – Vorsight has compiled a list focused on B2B selling where you can search terms in alphabetical order. You can also find more useful information about each word or expression by clicking on the links below them.

About – This is a short glossary of terms related to the sales industry, which is directed towards the beginners and the non-professionals, so it’s written in an easy-to-understand language. If you click on each title it will redirect you to another page where you can find additional information about the terms defined.

Marketo – Next we have a list of explaining sales 2.0 terminology. It contains a few words used in web 2.0 technology.

Salesclic – This is a short glossary compiled by Salesclic explaining several terms related to sales management.

Robbinex – Here we have a very well-structured glossary, categorised by groups of letters, where you will find terms pertaining to business selling.

Telesales university – A short list of terms used in the sales industry, where the creator has also offered some examples to help readers gain a better understanding of each concept. They’ve also put in parentheses the resource or the dictionary that originally explained that particular term.

The European Direct Selling Association – Direct selling has its own language and if you want to understand it better, this is the glossary for you. It was created by the European Direct Selling Association and it provides concise and easy to understand definitions of the terms and phrases included.

Digital Place-Based Advertising Association – This is a glossary containing buying and selling terms, specifically designed for digital place-based advertising networks. They also provide a downloadable version of this list, for you to use offline.

Sales Dictionary – One of the most encompassing sales dictionaries you will find online. It contains hundreds of words and explanations, listed alphabetically. You can also research terms directly through the Search column.

Dale Carnegie Training – The famous Dale Carnegie Training company has put together a list of the top ten acronyms used in the sales training industry. These are all acronyms created to help with the memory retention and learning process, so it’s useful to know what they stand for.

Mastery of Sales – A great glossary of the most essential sales terms put together for the beginning salesperson as well as for people that are outside of this industry. It contains thorough and detailed explanations for each word.

Sales Performance Consultans, Inc. – An excellent list compiled by a sales consulting agency explaining the lingo behind sales performance processes.

bizmanualz – A comprehensive glossary of sales and marketing terms where you can view all the terms on one page, in alphabetical order.

Selectica – A short list explaining the terminology used in the sales configuration software, such as CPQ, sales configuration, guided selling and so on. It’s a short and easy to use guide where you will find clear information on the terms you are researching.

DollarDays International – A downloadable glossary containing a multitude of terms related to selling, marketing and advertising.

Pearson – Pearson offers an extensive glossary of terms related to selling and marketing, which you can save on your computer and consult at any time.

Sell My Business Online – If you’ve come across a text containing general information about business selling and you don’t quite understand the terminology, then this glossary was designed for you. It’s meant as an introduction to the terms used within the business selling process and it offers definitions for the most common terms related to this field.

militarybyowner – A glossary of terms used in the process of buying and selling a home. It includes the most common terms and phrases used by real estate agents and banks and it’s meant as a general guide for the non-professionals.

Marshalls Property Services – If you are looking for terms and abbreviations specifically related to buying or selling a property, then you’ve come to the right place. This is an extensive list of terms provided to you by a real estate agency based in UK and it explains all the confusing jargon used in this business.