Romanian Translation Services Native professional translators ready to help your business

Are you looking for professional Romanian translation services? You need to look no further. We offer you:

  • Quality translations from and into Romanian performed by a team of professional translators
  • No hidden fees, prices calculated according to the number of words in the source language, which means you know the final cost before you decide whether to continue with the project
  • Security – of your data, documents, money

Why use our professional Romanian translation services

Whether you need Romanian to English translations or English to Romanian translations, Inbox Translation can offer you excellent translation services carried out by professional translators, who translate exclusively into their mother tongue. Not to mention that each translated document is delivered in the format you require (.pdf, .doc, .ppt etc.).

Your data (be it name, document to be translated or payment details) are completely secure with us. We do not disclose your personal or business details to third parties. We do not use any material that you sent or any translated version of it. We and our translators are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement should you wish so.

Our rates

When you send us your document, we can give you a full quote (no obligation) detailing the costs for the translation services. We will not add anything to the price we quote you (most companies will), so you can be assured it is a good deal. Also, the price we quote is based on the number of words in the source language; some of our competitors will charge you more as they will consider the number of words in the target language (it is true that when translating from English into Romanian the text expands by approximately 15%, but we do not consider this fair practice).

The process

Once we receive your documents and the payment, your project will be assigned to a project manager who will appoint the appropriate team to carry out the translation. Once a qualified translator has finished translating, the document will be proofread by another translator (if you have opted for a proofreading stage – it is always recommended you do so, especially if your material is intended for publishing). This way we make sure you are completely satisfied with our Romanian translation services.

To discuss your needs in more details and to get a quotation, you can call us on +44 (0)20 7993 8080 or contact us.

Where Romanian is spoken

Romanian is a Romance languages (together with French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan) spoken as a native language by 24 million people. It is an official language in 2 countries (Romania, Moldova) and 2 autonomous provinces (Vojvodina and Mount Athos) and one of languages of the EU. It is recognised minority language in Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine.
2 countries and and 2 autonomous provinces (official language)
28 million native speakers
3 countries (minority language)