27 zoology glossaries

General zoology terms, terms related to marine life, birds, cats, butterflies – plenty of glossaries to choose from. Read the descriptions to see whether it’s what you are looking for.

Stony Brook University – This is a great resource if you are searching for terminology related to marine biology.

Marine Conservation Society – This is also a glossary on marine biology terminology. If you could not find the word you needed in the previously mentioned one, you will most likely find it here.

NPWRC (Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center) – A glossary of avian terms, focused especially on avian conservation.

About – This is a very good resource when it comes to general zoology terminology.

Biophysics – This is also a great zoology glossary. The best part about it is that you can save it and access it even if you are not online.

AllWords – Although a bit oddly organised, this is a good zoology glossary and it contains a fairly large number of terms, as well as easy-to-understand definitions.

Paul Donahue – A zoology glossary that is great mainly because it can be checked out offline as well. Furthermore, the explanations given are as complete as possible.

10,000 birds – A very, very good resource if you are looking for bird-related terminology (large number of words, great explanations). The main downfall we see with it, however, is the fact that it may be a bit difficult to find a word since the actual terms are not easily distinguishable from the rest of the text.

About – If you are searching for birding terminology, About.com has put together a very well-organised resource for you. You can search for general birding terms in the alphabetic list and check for further information by clicking the term. Moreover, if you want to look up a more specific term, you can search it in the related-pages section of the glossary (for example, if you want to search for something specifically related to hummingbirds).

AllWords – This is another ornithology glossary. You can search for your term in the alphabetic list or insert it into the search bar.

Birdcentral – This website has put together a list of bird-related terminology. The definitions are taken mostly from other sources (which are also mentioned, if you want to search for further information).

What Bird – A glossary focused on bird terminology, with very easy-to-understand definitions.

The Great Backyard Bird Count – A (very) short glossary of ornithology in which the terms are organised to their specific sub-field (history, feathers, behaviour, food and feeding).

A-Z animals – This website has put together a zoology glossary focused mostly on rather commonly encountered terms.

San Diego Zoo – A zoology glossary that has been well researched. Although the definitions are easy to understand, the site will provide cross-reference links for those terms that may be confusing. You can either jump to the term or scroll your mouse over it if you want to see its explanation as well.

EnchantedLearning – Enchanted Learning is enchanting us again with a colourful but very well researched glossary. This time, it is focused on rainforest-related terminology. If you want more than a brief definition of a term, you can simply click on it and it will lead you to a page dedicated solely for that particular term.

Animal Liberation Front – If you have ever encountered terms related to the animal rights and did not completely understand them, then this is the place to look them up.

Birdcare – Another glossary focused on bird-related terminology. A fair number of words (mostly quite basic), good explanations and cross-reference links – these things make it perfect if you are not looking for very uncommon terms.

Birds of Britain – Yes, this is another glossary focused on birds. This time though, it is focused specifically on birds in Great Britain. In addition to the alphabetical organisation of the terms, you will be able to find a classification that has been made according to the bird’s ‘residency’ status (summer visitors, passage migrants, winter visitors and British residents).

Enchanted Learning – Butterflies are a fascination to many of us. This glossary will provide you with enough information so that you can actually understand most of the terms connected to butterflies. Pictures, brief explanations as well as more extensive ones are available on the site.

Fanciers – Cats have taken over the Internet and it was only a matter of time until a glossary of cat-related terminology would come to surface. On this site, you will be able to find terms connected to cat breeds, breeding, care and contests.

The Fish Information Service – This is a good resource both for those in love with the art of aquaristics and for professional translators searching for terms related to it.

Earthlife Web – An entomological and arthropodal glossary that will prove useful if you are looking for terms related to insects. However, names of insects are not provided, so it will not help you very much if you wanted to know something about a specific insect.

Ed Nieuwenhuys – Love them or hate them, you may find yourself in need of further information connected to spiders and specific jargon and this will be a good resource to find out what you want.

Enchanted Learning – Again, Enchanted Learning has put together a zoology glossary that will be appreciated by various types of people. It follows the same style as their other glossaries (pictures, brief definitions and extended explanations upon clicking the term), but this time it is focused on whales and whale-related terminology.

Cornell University – This is an entomological glossary that may attract you more due to its maker’s reputation (after all, universities still are among the greatest providers of information).

BMD (Bernese Mountain Dogs) – A glossary for those interested in veterinary terms.