27 weights and measurements glossaries

Metric system, imperial system, ounce, pound, kilogram or even avoirdupois… that can be confusing, but there is no need, as the glossaries in this section are dedicated to busting the jargon of measurements. Some include even clothes sizes – perfect for your localisation project!

Hemyock Castle – Curious about the definition, meaning and origin of traditional weights and measurements? Take a look at this glossary of ancient weights and measurements!

AllWords – With a handy search button at your disposal, this glossary of weights and measures is a great source of information on the matter you are interested in.

The University of Nottingham – From ‘acre’ to ‘yard’ and everything alphabetically in between, you can find definitions for almost any weights and measures you need clarified here.

infoplease – A short but handy glossary of miscellaneous units of measure.

University of North Carolina – Alphabetically organised and very well researched, this dictionary of units of measurement has also additional information on tables and scales which can prove extremely useful when translating such related texts.

Dictionary.com – This dictionary of weights and measures provides means of transforming between units of the same kind. Organised into categories, such as surfaces or volumes, it’s one of the best online.

General Chemistry Online – Terms regarding measurement can be daunting, but this glossary provides handy definitions and explanations if you are looking for measurement terminology.

Clarks – It’s amazing how many ways to measure shoes are out there! Take a look at this size and fit guide from Clarks to shed some light on the matter.

Veganline – A glossary which can help you figure out not only shoe sizes, but also clothes’ sizes in general. Equipped with explanations and size tables, it’s a very useful resource.

Sizes 1 – When it comes to units and systems of units, this is probably one of the richest glossaries online; with information regarding language and locations used, we strongly advise you to take a look!

Sizes 2 – Equipped with a search option, you can find information on units of weight, capacity, size, types of units or systems of units on this website.

Shadowed Realm – With a focus on medieval weights and measures, this glossary may be useful when trying to translate texts related to medieval measuring terminology.

SensorsONE – Browse through a list of pressure measurement-related terms on this website.

National Measurement Institute (Australia) – Measurement terminology and especially acronyms can be daunting, but this short dictionary of definitions and acronyms might help.

Merriam-Webster – Ever wonder how a theodolite looks like? You can find out here, along with other information regarding less or more common measuring devices.

Wikipedia – Another list of measuring devices, well referenced and with a lot of additional information on each device, from Wikipedia.

The Phrontistery – If you have no clue what all the gadgets, gizmos and scientific instruments do, then this is the place to be. Find definitions for a bunch of scientific instruments here!

Metro Lab – A glossary of measuring terminology, devices and definitions, from ‘accelerator’ to ‘wiggler’.

Micro-Epsilon – Technical measuring terms illustrated! A very handy glossary to help you figure out the meaning of all those terms you keep hearing. In addition, it’s very well cross-referenced.

Omega – Omega’s temperature measurement and control glossary – a 8 page comprehensive glossary of terms used in the field of temperature measurement and control.

Capgo – For everyone with an interest in measurement terminology, a short measurement glossary.

U.S. Department of Energy – If you are searching for a reliable source of information on alignment and metrology, then this is the place to be.

Weschler – 3 pages of terms related to Weschler Instruments. A helpful resource for engineers, technicians and scientists.

The Measurement Shop – Confused about weighing terms? Take a look at this glossary and it might help.

Cirrus Research – Noise measurement has its own language, and this glossary of noise measurement terminology approaches this particular lingo.

Pro-Lite Technology – One of the most encompassing sources of information related to light measurement. Find out everything you need to know from this alphabetically-listed glossary.

Precision Laboratory Balances – Yet another glossary on weighing terms, for everyone and anyone interested in this area.