19 weather glossariess

Weather can be unpredictable. And who would have guessed there are over 1,500 abbreviations and acronyms related to meteorology? If this is an area you are interested in, you’ll love our glossaries. From general weather terms to more specialised lingo, one of these glossaries is definitely for you. Read the descriptions to see which one.

The Weather Channel – From the Weather Channel, everything you need to know about weather terms and their definitions at the click of a button.

National Weather Service – A useful list of terms used by meteorologists, forecasters, weather observers and in weather forecasts, from ‘ablation’ to ‘zulu time’.

Time and date – Browse this weather glossary by category, alphabetically or use the search button. A very reliable source of information on the matter.

Weatherzone – Definitions are cross-referenced for ease of access in this encompassing weather glossary.

WeatherBug – Want to know the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon? Find out what it is here.

American Meteorological Society – A very reliable source of information on meteorology terminology. Very comprehensive and equipped with a friendly search function

Met Office – A very short but specialised glossary on marine forecast terminology. Categorised by functionality and helpful.

NovaLynx – Meteorological terms are often used to convey a very specific meaning. A very useful resource if you need to translate specialised texts.

Geoclasses – We like this website because it contains a lot of cross-references. A glossary of meteorological terms.

Indian Meteorological Society – 25 pages of meteorological terms translated from English to Tamil. You can even download it for your convenience.

Environment Canada – Also included in this weather and meteorology glossary are terms related to the Canadian forecasting system, along with unique terminology that is of Environment Canada’s hurricane centre and ice service products.

University of Wisconsin-Madison – For a better understanding of the weather terminology, we give you a glossary of weather terms.

Metcheck – Yet another glossary of weather terms. Specialised and organised alphabetically.

Met Office – Trying to figure out what a specific weather instrument does? Here is a 25 page downloadable document accompanied by pictures and extensive explanations that might help.

Merriam-Webster – Pictures are very helpful when trying to understand unknown terms. A list of meteorology and meteorology-related terms, categorised and with pictures.

National Weather Association (NWA) – The National Weather Association has put together a handy glossary of satellite acronyms, used in description of meteorological satellite systems, data and instruments.

UK Weather – A handy list of commonly used abbreviations associated with meteorology.

All Acronyms – If you encounter problems with acronyms and abbreviations, here are 138 weather acronyms and their explanation.

Abbreviations – Over 1,700 acronyms and abbreviations related to meteorology. If an acronym is giving you trouble, you are bound to figure it out here.