10 translation and localisation glossaries

Translation? Localisation? Internationalisation? CAT (not the furry pet)? Are these terms giving you a headache? If so, have a look at these glossaries and they will shed a light on the matter, as they offer simple and to the point definitions of these terms and more.

ecolore – This online glossary of terms related to eContent Localisation will prove itself very useful when you are lost in the more technical part of the translation job. The terms are thoroughly explained and even a non-professional will be able to understand them.

Trans-K – This glossary contains translation and interpretation terminology and it will come in handy both when looking for more general translation-related terms and when looking for very specific professional jargon.

The Localization Tool – This website has come up with a short list of localisation-related terms. Although there are fewer terms here than in the other similar glossaries, this list covers some explanations not given by the previously mentioned one.

Translation Directory – This is one of the best sources of information regarding localisation-related terms. On top of some words that are present in other similar glossaries, you will find here Internet and web developing-related terminology.

SDL-Translationzone – A glossary that contains specific terms often encountered when using translation software (such as SDL Trados Studio or SDL MultiTerm).

Tim Davies – You can find here terms related to the translation/ interpretation industry in general (including types of interpreting and software used by the professionals).

Top 10 Reviews – This is a good source of information for business owners who want to work with translation agencies for various projects.

Proz – This is probably the most complete and well-researched glossary of localisation and translation-related terms. Basically, any word related to the industry of translation or localisation industry you may be searching for, you have a great chance of finding it here.

Sonia Melnikova – Another great source of information when looking for more general terms connected to translations and interpretation terms.

TAUS – A very complex glossary, with terms related to the translation industry and more.