12 text speak glossaries

txt spk cn b diFicult 2 undRstNd. f U also hav DIS problem, thN DIS iz d plAc 4 you, az our glossaries wiL hlp U decipher d lingo.

Translation: Text speak can be difficult to understand. If you also have this problem, then this is the place for you, as our glossaries will help you decipher the lingo.

Webwasp – Many text messages include number abbreviations and shorthand. Here are a few examples.

Netlingo – The age of texting and shorthand is upon us! If you, too, want to figure out what all those texts you’re getting mean, browse this very encompassing glossary.

No slang – Internet and text slang has grown so much it had to be broken down by letter. A very extensive, alphabetically organised dictionary on text slang and abbreviations.

Fun with Words – Of the entire net lingo you will encounter, here is a shorter list of common abbreviations.

About – Our text messages need to be short and thumb-friendly. Learn a few handy expressions here, along with their explanation and etymology.

Webopedia – A great source for text messages and online chat abbreviations. Browse through almost 2,000 abbreviations.

Internet slang – Still can’t get the hang of the Internet slang? On this site you will find a list of slang terms, acronyms and abbreviations used in chat rooms, internet forums, texts and websites.

Chat Word Dictionary – We like this website because it has lists of emoticons and other symbols you won’t find in many other places online. Learn what they mean.

Macmillan Dictionary – A short but handy list of abbreviations used in emails and text messages.

socialmedia today – Twitter has its own language. Here is a list of top twitter abbreviations you just need to know.

Webopedia – Need a guide to understanding the Twitter lingo? Here you go.

Mashable – A guide to Twitter lingo. A short list of abbreviations and their explanation.