22 social media glossaries

Poke, mention, circle, endorse, pin, unfriend – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, social media and networking jargon explained and translated into plain English.

Twitter – The official Twitter glossary – vocabulary frequently used on this social media website, as well as to talk about features. More extensive explanations are provided for a lot of the entries.

Dummies – Discussions on and about Twitter are filled with specific lingo. Here is a jargon buster glossary on Twitter: abbreviations, slang and other specific terms.

About – A short list of the most common terms almost everyone uses when on Twitter, defined and explained.

Dummies – If you’re new to Facebook, you probably don’t know what it’s all about. Here are 5 important terms every Facebook user should know.

The WebSpring Blog – A short but handy dictionary: from Facebook jargon to plain English.

Martin Shervington – A glossary of terms specific to Google+. A handy guide to some of the terms used in posts.

Business 2 Community (B2C) – Social media websites have a lot of things in common. This very useful Big 5 glossary contains entries pertaining to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

sproutsocial – New to Google+? Here’s a list of 20 Google+ terms and definitions you just need to know when browsing this website.

WebGoals – The LinkedIn glossary: a short list of terms you are bound to encounter when browsing this website.

Linked into Business – One of the most comprehensive sources of information on the matter: a glossary of social media terminology. It may not cover all social media networks, but the ones addressed are treated thoroughly.

Hubspot – Interested in social media marketing? Here are 120 terms you should know when talking about this.

Social media leaps – It’s impressive how many terms related to social media are out there. Here is another handy glossary of social media terms.

Southwestern University – 3 pages of downloadable information on social media terminology, at least ‘The Important Ones’, organised by category: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Pintalk – Just as the name suggests, a Pinterest glossary of vocabulary related to this social media website.

Facebook – Facebook terminology explained, from ‘accessibility’ to ‘wall’.

iMore – Everything you need to know about terms used and abused on social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, but also many more.

IBM – A glossary which aims to familiarise you with social media lexicon, which can make it easier for beginners to step into this world.

socialmedia – A very thorough dictionary of social media: the A to Z of social media terminology, key terms in social networking.

California State University – Yet another glossary of social media terminology, kind of short but might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Dummies – Still can’t figure out social media and blogging terminology? Here is another glossary at your disposal.

All Acronyms – Social networking is based mostly on abbreviations and acronyms. From AllAcronyms, 126 social networking acronyms and abbreviations.

Twelveskip – A dictionary centred around Twitter acronyms and abbreviations: the top 37 abbreviations and acronyms used on this social website.