26 shoes and bags glossaries

Shoes and bags go hand in hand. Or foot in hand/shoulder.. or… you know what we mean. Whether you are a fashion victim (or just a woman with a thing for shoes and bags) or a linguist with an interest in this field, we think you’ll love these resources. These glossaries cover terms from manufacturing to materials and types of shoes and bags.


Wingtip – From types of shoes to shoe parts, this glossary of shoe terms explains the most important words related to footwear in a very easy-to-understand way.

Zappos – This webpages tries to give you a better understanding of the most important shoe-related terminology. To make it easier, some definitions are paired up with images.

Shoes.com – This glossary not only gives definitions for a large number of shoe-related terms (with a focus on types of shoes), but it also provides pictures for each term. A great resource for shoe addicts and not only.

Pediwear – This shoe, leather and accessory glossary explains a large number of terms and gives pictures for each of them.

Oliver Sweeney – This shoe glossary gives both comprehensive definitions of the terms and photos of them. Click on each photo to access the definition.

Steve Madden – Types of shoes, materials used, measurements, all arranged alphabetically. On this website you can find a list of some of the most popular shoe-related terms and their explanations. Click on each letter to discover new terms.

Amefird – This footwear glossary focuses on types of footwear, offering easy-to-understand definitions and photos to portray each term. You’ll need to scroll to go through all the terms, but they are arranged alphabetically, making the search easier.

HSN 1 – A glossary that briefly explains some of the most popular terms connected to women’s shoes.

HSN 2 – This guide presents types of shoes, their definitions, pictures, how to wear them (colour associations, occasion etc.) Great resource!

eBay – The popular site eBay is not just for selling and buying, but also for information. It has put together a glossary covering a large number of terms connected to shoes and footwear.

Nine West – On this webpage you can find a lot of terms related to shoes, as well as comprehensive definitions for each of them. An easy to search list, terms listed alphabetically

Texon – Curious about how shoes are made? Have a look at this footwear glossary focusing on the most important terms related to shoe production (techniques, designs. etc.)

About.com – This shoe style glossary covers the most important types of shoes existent. Find the term you are looking for and click on the name to read its definition and see a picture.

Healthy Feet Store – On this page you will be able to find a very well-researched and well-explained glossary of shoe-related terms.


HSN 1 – HSN agrees that shoes and handbags go hand in hand, so they have also put together a handbag glossary covers the most important terms and gives a short definition for each of them. The terms cover types of handbags, materials and parts.

HSN 2 – A glossary guide to different types of handbags with relevant pictures and also advice on when and where to wear them.

Handbag Heaven – A few pictures have been included, along with links to the respective items if you also want to buy a handbag and not just read about it.

eBags 1 – This handbag glossary focuses on types of handbags and gives comprehensive definitions for each of the terms.

eBags 2 – It’s impressive how many types of backpacks there are out there. This list of terms contains the most popular types of backpacks and their definitions.

eBags 3 – This luggage glossary will give explanations for types of luggage, as well as for other popular terms related to luggage.

eBags 4 – A sports bags glossary that gives easy-to-understand definitions for every term on the list.

2nd take – This website has put together a list of the most popular types of handbags and it offers a comprehensive definition, as well as a self-explanatory picture for each of them.

HandbagO – This is a list of handbag-related terms (including types, designs and fabrics/ materials).

Purse Forum – This handbags and luggage glossary covers the most important types of handbags/ luggage, as well as specific handbag fabrics.

Kristopher Dukes – This glossary contains handbag-related terminology and photos for some of the types of handbags presented.

Freida Pearl – On this website you will find the most important terms related to handbag types and the explanations given are easy to understand.