30 real estate glossaries

Real estate lingo is not just for estate agents or people interesting in getting on the property ladder. You may find these glossaries particularly useful for your translation work if you are looking to specialise in this area.

Investopedia – This is a glossary containing hundreds of real estate terms explained in detail and easily understandable language.

Columbia University – Following is a list compiled by Columbia University which contains the most important terms in real estate and is meant to provide the readers with a general perspective on the terminology used in this particular field.

Real Estate Words – This next website represents a dictionary of terms used by real estate agents, brokers and mortgage brokers around the world and it’s safe to say it’s one of the most extensive resources of this kind that you will find on the Internet.

Redfin – Redfin also comes to your assistance with a glossary aiming to demystify the real estate jargon for you. It contains a generous amount of terms and definitions, relevant to the various situations you may come across in your specialised texts.

First American Title – First American Title also puts at your disposal a list of the most common terms used in the real estate field. It’s very easy to scan through and it has the big advantage of presenting the definitions on the same page, so you don’t have to make any unnecessary clicks to arrive at the information you wanted.

Federal Trade Commission – The Federal Trade Commission offers here a terrific resource for all those who want to decode the real estate lingo. It’s an extensive downloadable glossary with short and synthesised definitions for all the relevant terms pertaining to this field.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – This next page compiled by the US Government represents a comprehensive glossary of terms used in real estate deals across the country and can be a great help for translators worldwide.

Colliers University – Colliers University also offers a great list of words that touch both legal aspects, as well as descriptions of interior and exterior housing.

Realtor – Realtors Commercial Alliance is bringing a free downloadable glossary containing 40 pages of well-documented real estate terms, including but not limited to buying, selling and investing in real estate property.

Department of Real Estate, California – Here we have another PDF glossary, also a useful resource to browse through, insisting more on bank terminology, but also detailing other terms related to buying and selling.

MyHomesdb – MyHomesdb prides itself with having created the largest dictionary for the real estate and construction industry, with over 10,000 terms defined. It’s the most comprehensive resource of this kind that we have come across so far, so it’s definitely worth consulting. The only visible downside of this glossary would be the absence of a Search button. With so many definitions included, it might take some time to find the exact word you’re looking for, but it’s certainly worth keeping it in mind.

CoStar Group – This next glossary focuses on commercial real estate terms and it’s alphabetically arranged, making it very easy to scan through.

Bigger Pockets – Bigger Pockets has decided to focus on the other parts of vocabulary that are often misinterpreted or unknown and in that sense they have compiled a list of dozens of acronyms and abbreviations used by professionals in the real estate industry.

Westerwelle – Another extensive list of real estate abbreviations.

AllAcronyms – Here we have 512 acronyms and abbreviations related to the real estate industry, arranged alphabetically. A big advantage offered by this website is the Search box where you can just type the term you’re looking for and find it much faster.

Real Estate Wiki – This is an acronym list provided by Real Estate Wiki and it’s arranged on multiple groupings of letters to make it easier for you to reach the term you wanted.

realestate.com.au – This next Australian website contains a list specialised only in real estate abbreviations.

Research on Real Estate – Again, another list of acronyms and abbreviations, this time by Delta Alpha Publishing.

AllAcronyms – All Acronyms encloses here another glossary related to the real estate industry, but this time containing close to 500 property acronyms and abbreviations. A very useful tool for any translator who is struggling with information in this domain.

The Center for Commercial Real Estate – This next website offers an extensive glossary specialising in commercial real estate leasing. Although there is no Search button, the page is very easy to scan through and the term definitions are clear and well-synthesised.

Century21 – This glossary is being provided by a Canadian-based company and it contains abbreviations pertaining to physical features of real estate properties.

CYNCO Properties – Here we have a commercial real estate glossary, slightly shorter than the previous ones, offered by Cynco Properties, an American real estate brokerage agency.

Land Terms – Next we present to you a guide containing the most common acronyms and abbreviations used in real estate listings and classified advertisements. It’s a very extensive list and the Search button represents another big plus.

Government of New South Wales – This glossary is provided to you by the New South Wales Government and it contains dozens of definitions related to land and property in general.

Vacantlandinfo – Next we encounter a small list comprised of a few useful terms met by buyers and sellers of land in the California area in particular.

Leasing Professional – Leasing Professional is a company that sells real estate, management and business strategy products. They have compiled an accurate and detailed glossary of real estate leasing terminology that will be useful to any translator working with specific, situational real estate terms or phrases.

Investor Words – The Investor Words real estate glossary is an excellent resource containing hundreds of terms explained through easily comprehensible definitions. You have the option of viewing the words alphabetically, search them individually or see the entire list on one page.

About – About.com offers another great glossary with words or phrases related to the real-estate industry, along with examples for every term defined.

California Association of Realtors – The California Association of Realtors has put together a list of terms and acronyms/abbreviations that are most common to their specific area, but also words whose meaning may not be very well known by the general public.

Deloitte – Finally we have a downloadable glossary written by Deloitte, viewable as a PDF, aiming to define a number of terms related to industrial and commercial properties, landlords, tenants, contractors, lenders, as well as developers of residential buildings. It’s 48 pages long and it’s an excellent resource, containing very thorough and detailed explanations for each term.