34 psychiatry and psychology glossaries

Deciphering psychology and psychiatry terminology is not always an easy task. But with the help of our hand-picked glossaries, you will no longer be at a loss. We even included glossaries of acronyms and abbreviations related to the two fields.

SparkNotes – Quite an encompassing psychology glossary, which is also available for download in PDF format.

holah.co.uk – A website which could be useful if you are either studying or trying to understand psychology.

About – An A to Z listing of psychological terms with definitions and examples. You can learn more about psychology one word at a time.

McGraw Hill – Social psychology has its own terms and terminology and this glossary deals with exactly that.

PsychCentral – An alphabetically organised psychology glossary with a friendly search button at hand. Each term has a definition and an example.

American Psychological Association – From the American Psychological Association, an encompassing glossary of psychological terms. A very reliable source of information on the matter.

Webref – If you find yourself at loss when it comes to psychology terms, here is a glossary of psychological terms and definitions of terminology related to the science of psychology, from the helpful Webref.org.

ITS – This is possibly the most comprehensive psychology and mental health sciences related dictionary on the internet for students. Just click on the initial letter of the term you want defined.

AlleyDog – Another psychology glossary: clear, concise, straightforward definitions of the most important psychology terms written in plain English.

CliffsNotes – One of the best sources of information on developmental psychology and related terminology.

Buzzle – Get rid of that confusing psychology jargon and complex definitions. A glossary of psychology terms and definitions.

University of Iowa – Behavioural psychology is a particular branch of psychology with particular terminology. Here is a glossary of terms for the experimental analysis of behaviour.

Quizlet – Read it or have it spoken out loud: from Quizlet, an excellent glossary of abnormal psychology terms.

Wadsworth Cengage Learning – A glossary on social psychology terminology, alphabetically organised and quite encompassing.

Intervention Organization – Over 100 terms related to forensic psychology and their definitions right here.

Yahoo! Voices – The application of psychological knowledge and principles to different legal activities is forensic psychology, and it’s all defined here: a short collection of forensic psychology terms and what they mean.

Psychology Today – An illustrated list of psychological diagnoses, by category: from ‘abuse’ to ‘sleep disorders’, with definition, symptoms, causes and treatment.

Mental Health Connection – Almost 20 pages of downloadable information on mental health and mental illnesses terminology.

Wikipedia – This glossary covers terms found in the psychiatric literature, to help you translate any texts that give you trouble.

Priory – Psychiatry is full of unusual and unfamiliar terms and this glossary aims to explain the most common of those used in psychiatry.

NCHPEG – If you don’t know what therapists are talking about, then you’re in the right place. An alphabetically organised glossary of psychiatric terms.

University of Washington – A great resource for those digging into psychiatry and behaviour sciences.

John F. Abess, M.D. – A simple glossary of terms used in the field of psychiatry and neurology, with to the point definitions, at the click of a button.

Queensland Government – Especially made for interpreters and translators, a glossary of mental health terms in English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Vietnamese. You can even take it away with you offline!

MentalHelp – A glossary with a special focus on mental health terms and terminology.

Bermuda Hospitals – Definitions of terms related to children’s mental health can be found in this dictionary. Alphabetically organised and filled with short and to the point definitions.

Geisel School of Medicine – A glossary of terms focused on patient care and everything you need to know about it.

Abbreviations – Over 400 acronyms and abbreviations related to psychology, from ‘AA’ to ‘YPF’.

UCLA Center – A fantastic 33 page resource on psychology: key terms, acronyms and laws.

Mental Health Foundation of New Zeeland – If you are at loss when it comes to mental health terminology, use this short but handy glossary to find your way.

Mental Health and Recovery Board – Acronyms and abbreviations can be daunting, but you can use this handy resource when you encounter problems, all you need in a 4 page downloadable document.

Black Country Partnership – A useful guide to understanding mental health jargon: if you aren’t a trained professional in the field, you may need these words explained.

Eating Disorder Referral – Yet another glossary of abbreviations and acronyms, this time related to eating disorders especially, and generally to mental health.

Integrated Health Specialists – This is a 3-in-1 glossary, with terms pertaining to psychology/counselling, hypnotherapy and life coaching terms. Handily divided into 3 categories, with terms alphabetically arranged and easy-to-understand definitions, this is a very helpful glossary.