18 physics glossaries

Physics is a field full of mysteries and with its own lingo. To help you decipher it, we have put together a collection of glossaries covering a variety of terms and concepts.

Alcyone Systems – Laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, & thought-experiments in physics.

Lock Haven University – Physics can be confusing as it is, but this website has compiled a list of frequently misused or misunderstood physics terms and concepts, which you can browse alphabetically.

NASA – An important field in physics is solar physics, and it has its own list of terms. Here is a glossary that focuses on that.

Idaho State University – A list of radiation related terms and their definitions. Not that encompassing, but it contains the most commonly used ones.

Annenberg Learner – Amusement parks use physics to provide fun for their customers, and this is a glossary of physics terms with a focus on those used in the creation of amusement parks.

National Oceanic and Athmospheric Administration – We give you a glossary of solar – terrestrial physics terms and terminology.

Wikipedia – A collection of Wikipedia pages of physics terms, each of them with extensive explanations, data and cross-reference.

Interactions.org – Browse through a list of definitions focused on particle physics, from ‘ab’ to ‘ZEUS’.

About – Physics is the field where sometimes a common word can have a very specific interpretation. This physics dictionary provides useful definitions in exploring this subject.

Hands-on-Physics – A short list of terms and their definitions, on the subject of advanced mechanics.

Physics of the Universe – A glossary with brief definitions and explanations of some of the concepts, laws, theories and technical terms used when talking about the physics of the universe. Some entries have key words with connected pop-up windows.

AQA – Designed as a resource for teachers, this is a glossary of terms related to measurements used in physics. 4 pages long and downloadable.

Kalyan City Life – If you’re looking for a crash course in physics, then here is a website dedicated to basic physics terminology for science students. It will also help linguists specialising in this field.

Crain’s Petrophysical Handbook – A website dedicated to information on the laws of physics, in either of the two categories (classical physics and atomic physics), each with to the point explanations.

RationalWiki – The six main terms that make the basis of quantum physics, explained.

Quizlet – A list of quantum mechanics terms and terminology, each with a short definition which you can hear out loud at the click of a button.

Tufts Health Sciences Web Server – Ten downloadable pages of information on ultrasound physics and terminology, organised into categories.

Horizon – From mechanics to nuclear physics, a glossary of the most common terms for each field of physics.