40 photography glossaries

Are you working on a text about cameras? Or maybe translating the syllabus for a photography course? Then you will probably need these glossaries, as they cover terminology used in the field of photography.

Collector’s Guide – A short glossary of photography terms, to help you look differently at fine-art photography.

Digital Photography Review – A great resource for anyone aiming to figure out photography terminology. Organised into categories, from camera system to storage, it’s very user-friendly.

The American Museum of Photograph – A glossary of short descriptions of processes used in early photography.

Berezin Stereo Photography Products – Interested in terms related to 3D imaging? Here are some terms commonly used in stereo photography.

Malaysian Internet Resources – An encompassing glossary of photographic terms and terminology, accompanied by extensive explanations.

U.S. Department of State – Especially designed for passport photographers, here is a photo glossary of specific terms, defined and explained, arranged alphabetically.

Digital SLR Photoghraphy – This DSLR glossary offers simple, jargon-free explanations of digital photography terms, from ‘aperture’ to ‘zoom lens’.

The Ansel Adams Gallery – A glossary of photographic terms, explained from the point of view of a photographer. Not that encompassing, but definitely worth a look.

For Dummies – A multitude of terms related to digital photography, including editing software and terminology.

All Things Photography – This digital dictionary of photographic terms is designed to clarify any terms related to photography you don’t understand.

Nikon – A very handy glossary for those using Nikon cameras, or for those interested in photography in general. It contains general photography terminology and specific Nikon terms.

Photography Tips – If you want to master the language of photographers, then this glossary of terms and definitions accompanied by pictures will help you get there.

PhotoNotes – A fantastic resource for those interested: equipped with a search button and with a handy category of camera symbols, it’s definitely recommended!

Ritz Camera – If you’re looking for a crash course in photography, then here is a glossary of basic photography terms at your disposal.

Wikia – A growing glossary of common camera and photography terms. It’s well cross-referenced and each term has its own page with extensive information.

Peter Ashby-Hayter – This photography dictionary will help you find the real significance behind that jargon that’s so confusing for some.

ePhotoZine – Another alphabetically organised glossary of photographic terminology. Quite encompassing and with short and to the point definitions.

eHow – Cameras are fairly complex machines, but this website will help you understand the basics of camera components: important components of a camera.

The iMedia Site – Digital cameras have specific components, and you can find them explained here: digital camera components.

Oracle – Aided by a handy schema, this website is bound to help you understand the components of a camera.

Kodak – 10 pages of information on motion picture cameras and lenses, especially their components and functions, aided by helpful pictures and schemas.

The Phoblographer – A beginner’s guide to photography terminology: all you need to know to get you started in this field.

Digital Camera World – Photographers have their own language and specific terminology. This website will give you a foothold in this world: the essential A to Z of photography slang.

B & H – Digital photography is the most common way to take pictures today. Here is a glossary of digital photography terms to help you translate those texts.

Media College – In the photographic community, names are assigned to the most common types of shots. If you, too, don’t yet know what they are, here is a website which defines them and provides illustrated examples.

Sony – A 3 page downloadable document of camera terminology, which you can take away with you offline.

Media College 1 – A short list of camera angles often used in photography.

Media College 2 – Also from MediaCollege, a guide to the different types of photography you are likely to encounter.

Bircham Gallery – A collection of some photography types, with an A to Z glossary of art terms and techniques at hand.

For Dummies – If you’re new to digital cameras, you might be wondering what all the buttons, LEDs and windows are for. This website is designed to help you understand the parts of a typical digital camera.

All Things Photography – A handy crash-course on digital SLR cameras and photography. Everything you need to know as a beginner, here.

Digital Photography School – If you’ve ever been confused when reading your camera manual, then this is the website for you: a guide to deciphering photo jargon. Learn to speak ‘photographer’ here.

Photography Concentrate – Yet another manual of photography terminology: the essential guide to photography slang.

Wikipedia – Photography, like all other fields, uses abbreviations and acronyms. Here is a glossary of abbreviations in photography and their meaning.

Enlight Photo – A short and handy guide to the most common photography abbreviations, simplified and explained.

Abbreviations – Almost 230 abbreviations and acronyms related to photography, with their meaning at hand.

Park Cameras – A website dedicated to DSLR camera lenses and related abbreviations.

dSider – A jargon buster glossary of photography slang and abbreviations.

tinyprints – A wonderful glossary of photographic terms, a real treat (pun intended) for photography aficionados but also for linguists looking to translate that elusive word. Best thing about it? The simple yet very relevant illustrations that will help you grasp the meaning of certain terms.

Treat.com – This glossary will help you twofold: to become a better photographer and to understand all that jargon if you are translating a text in this field. Not to mention it is very visual and nicely organised. We like it!