21 pharmaceutical glossaries

The field of pharmaceutics is as complex as its lingo. If you are a linguist looking to specialise in this area or have troubles translating a particular term or understanding an acronym, you will definitely love these glossaries. We have provided short descriptions to help you choose the glossary you need.

ISPE – ISPE provides a glossary of pharmaceutical and biotechnology terms and acronyms in English, German and French. You have the option of searching them directly or browsing by letters.

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers – On this website you will find a very thorough list of terms and acronyms related to the pharmaceutical industry, along with clear and easy-to-understand definitions for each of them.

World Health Organization – Next is a short glossary created by the World Health Organization which includes some general terms related to medicine and pharmaceuticals.

PMR – A pharmaceutical and healthcare glossary containing terms and acronyms used by professionals worldwide.

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry – Here you will find an extensive glossary of terms related to pharmaceutics which you can download if needed. It contains mostly terms pertaining to the chemical and scientific side of the field.

Contract Pharma – An excellent resource for anyone interested in this field. It contains hundreds of references, words, acronyms and abbreviations related to biomanufacturing, drug prescribing and pharmaceuticals, all in one very comprehensive glossary. You can find the terms you are looking for using the Search box and also look them up alphabetically.

Pharma Marketing Network – The Pharma Marketing Network glossary is a great option for anyone wanting an extended definition on a specific term. You may not find all words related to this industry, but for the ones they do have, you will find highly detailed explanations.

European Commission – This is a list of acronyms and abbreviations compiled by the World Health Organization. It describes various pharmaceutical/medical institutions, organisations and agencies around the world.

Wikipedia – The European Commission puts at your disposal a downloadable glossary of words related to medical engineering and pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers – A glossary containing only pharmaceutical acronyms arranged alphabetically.

Buy Low Drugs – A list of the most encountered terms in pharmacology.

Virginia Commonwealth University – An encompassing glossary containing purely scientific terms.

All Words – All Words offers an extensive pharmacology glossary where you can search each word/phrase based on multiple criteria, such as by the word’s first and last letters or by their language, if they have any Dutch, Spanish, French, German or Italian term in their formation.

AIDS Info – This list was compiled by the American National Institute of Health and it contains terms related to drug compositions, therapeutic use, toxicity and other such related categories.

Quizlet – Quizlet has created an extensive pharmacology-related glossary based on the textbook ‘Pharmacology and the Nursing Process, 6th edition’. You also have the option of listening to each word being pronounced.

University of Waterloo – This is a glossary created by the University of Waterloo and it contains dozens of scientific terms related to pharmacology.

Government of Canada – Here you will find a list compiled by the Canadian Government and it contains terms used mainly to describe medicinal plants.

HealthCare – This is a glossary provided by the Healthcare Department of the US Government and it contains the most important terms and phrases used by the central and local healthcare authorities.

All Acronyms – On AllAcronyms you will find 92 pharmaceutical-related acronyms and abbreviations which you can search either directly by typing in the letters or alphabetically.

Quizlet – Here you can find an extensive list of pharmaceutical acronyms and abbreviations arranged alphabetically. You can also listen to each word and acronym being read out loud if you’re not quite sure what the correct pronunciation is.

Medword – Medword provides a general pharmacology abbreviations list, where you will find definitions concerning drug prescriptions.