27 ophthalmology and optometry glossaries

You know what they say: the eyes are the windows to the soul. In this case, our glossaries are the window to understanding terminology used in eye care.

Glossary of Eye Terminology – Common terms (symptoms, tests, treatments, surgery, diseases and conditions) eye doctors use. As suggested by the title, a resource that might help you to understand them better.

Doctor Hill – A great resource for those interested in ophthalmology and related medical terms.

The Rotal College of Ophthalmologists – Equipped with a friendly search button, this glossary of ophthalmology terms and terminology might help you understand the term you’re looking for.

Eyes.com – An encompassing glossary of ophthalmic terms and terminology, organised alphabetically.

All About Vision – A simple glossary of eye care terms, from All About Vision.

Shamir – Short and simple, this glossary of ophthalmic terms might be just what you’re looking for.

Premer Eye Clinic – With a special focus on eye conditions and terms, this ophthalmic dictionary contains comprehensive explanations and definitions.

American Optometric Association – For everyone and anyone interested in eye conditions, here is a specialised glossary of all eye and vision conditions you may come across.

American Foundation for the Blind – Another glossary of eye conditions, with extensive definitions and explanations.

Discover Vision Centres – A glossary with a special focus on eye terminology and terms, at your disposal right here.

EyeSearch – Curious about eye diseases? Visit this glossary which includes some of the most common eye diseases you may have heard about.

European Union – If you don’t know the names and roles of the parts that form the eye, then you’ll solve your problem right here.

Merriam-Webster – From Merriam-Webster, a small collection of terms related to eyeglasses and the parts they’re made of.

Consumer Research Council of America – An alphabetically organised and encompassing eye care glossary.

Paul Adler Optometrists – Find the most commonly used terms when talking about eyes and eye care in this ophthalmology glossary,

The Vision Therapy Center – A short but very well explained glossary of vision terms and terminology.

Edina Eye – Here is a list of top terms and eye related terminology with their descriptions, organised in two categories: parts of the eye and conditions of the eye.

University of Iowa – Abbreviations and acronyms may give you a headache if you don’t know what they mean. Take a look at this 2 page downloadable document of abbreviations commonly used in ophthalmology.

Wikipedia – From Wikipedia comes a handy list of optometric abbreviations, split into categories: eye examination, contact lenses, clinical conditions and others.

AllAcronyms – A short list of medical ophthalmology acronyms and abbreviations and their meanings.

Ophtho Book – A very encompassing glossary of common ophthalmology and optometry abbreviations. You are bound to find the meaning of almost any acronym here.

Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut – Definitions of commonly used terms connected to ophthalmology can be found here.

The Optical Vision Site – We like this glossary because it’s segmented into handy categories: fashion options, anatomy of eyeglasses and lens options.

London Eyewear – A collection of eyewear terms, as well as some of the terminology used in the profession, organised alphabetically.

Between the Lines – Confused about some of the meanings of terms related to your reading glasses? Take a look at this reading glasses glossary, which is accompanied by pictures and useful explanations.

Heritage Vision Plans – Here is yet another glossary of terms and terminology pertaining to eye care, organised in categories: types of eye care professionals, of prescription eyeglass lenses and of contact lenses, etc.

OpticianCertification.org – A glossary with not only an explanation of ophthalmology terms, but also links to related articles and videos that illustrate the term.