39 nutrition and diet glossaries

Eating healthily is not just about food. It’s also about specific lingo. With the help of these glossaries you will be able to understand all those terms. Whether you are on a diet or trying to change your lifestyle or maybe translating a website or brochure on the matter, we are here to help.

About 1 – This glossary is focused especially on diet/nutrition terms you are likely to meet in relation to low-carb diets.

About 2 – Most of the important and potentially confusing terms connected to nutrition have been included in this glossary.

Australian Child and Adolescent Obesity Research Network – A glossary of terms that contains the most important words related to dietary intake assessment.

Ay Lin Kho – This glossary contains some of the most important terms met in nutrition and diet-related topics.

Better Medicine – A glossary of the most important nutrition-related terms. What is best about this particular glossary is the fact that it also provides the user with the pronunciation of the words listed.

Burnbrae Farms – This website has put together a list of nutritional elements that are contained by eggs.

Celiac Sprue Association – This grains and flours glossary focuses on those terms that you are likely to meet in a context related to gluten-free dieting.

Champions for Change – This glossary is a great resource! The number of words may not be very large, but each of the words listed is explained thoroughly and the glossary itself can be saved on your computer as a PDF file.

CK-12 Foundation – A list containing the most encountered words in the field of dieting and nutrition.

De-Stress Your Life / Charlotte Watts and Anna Magee – Most of the words in this glossary are related both to nutrition in general and to the ‘de-stress’ diet in particular.

Diet Center – One of the nutrition glossaries with the largest number of terms listed.

Dummies – This is a glossary created by Dummies.com, so you should expect it to contain basic terms which are explained in a very, very easy to understand manner.

Eat Right Ontario – Health and nutrition are two fields that are almost inseparable, and this glossary contains terms related to both of them.

ENACT – Education for Effective Nutrition in Action – Four pages of basic terminology related to healthy nutrition. Each of the terms is explained in an easy, yet comprehensive way.

Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders – A great Internet resource you can use if you are looking for terms related to eating disorders.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – Again, some of the most important nutrition-related terms. Check out this glossary if you haven’t found what you were looking for yet.

Food Watch – This is a glossary centring on a series of rather unusual, confusing, yet commonly encountered words related to the field of nutrition.

Free Dieting – The most important and common terms connected to dieting are listed in this glossary.

GFCF – A glossary containing the most important terms encountered in nutrition-related disease topics.

Nestle – A nutrition glossary with a fair number of words, where it is likely to find most of the terms you may be searching for.

IDF Dairy Nutrition – This particular nutrition glossary focuses mostly on terms related to dairy products.

IGD – Good number of nutrition-related terms and very good, comprehensive definitions given for each listed term.

Kwanzaa Culinarians – A great glossary that contains terms connected to African heritage food and their nutritional value.

Medical Research Council – This nutrition glossary does definitely not contain a lot of terms. However, the way it is structured and the terms related to dietary assessment methods make it a good online resource in this field.

Medicine Net – The terms listed here may have been included in other glossaries as well, but most likely they do not beat this one’s definitions and explanations. These explanations are as easy to understand as they are complete and comprehensive.

Nutricia Neocate – This entire glossary’s main purpose is that of giving its users a better understanding of various types of food allergies. Thus, the terms included here will be helpful for those of you searching for something related to this particular nutritional niche.

Nutrition – A general nutrition glossary good to check out especially when searching for additional definitions of a term already encountered in another glossary.

Nutrition Data – This glossary contains both common words encountered in the field of nutrition and some that are more specialised.

Nutrition Review – This website has put together a glossary in which the terms are categorised according to six groups: amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrients and smart drugs.

Pacific Health Summit – A PDF glossary focusing especially on those terms related to bad nutrition.

Power Bar – Again, a glossary good as a secondary source of information when it comes to general nutrition-related terms (use it either to search an extra-definition or to search a word that may not have been listed in the previous glossaries).

Senior Magazine Online – This nutrition glossary is centred on those terms that you are likely to encounter in a context related to the nutrition of the elderly (especially supplements and vitamins that they may need).

Simplefit – This list of terms is mostly related to healthy, natural and nutritional eating.

Unicef – This glossary has been put together by UNICEF. It contains a lot of words, out of which most are related to bad nutrition. Furthermore, the glossary comes as a PDF format, which is great if you want to save it and use it offline as well.

Web MD – A relatively short glossary centred around vitamins and supplements.

Big Picture – A diet glossary focused mostly on the more medical and scientific aspects of the issue.

Why Low Carb Diets Work – This glossary contains a fairly large number of words connected to dieting. Still, most of them are in one way or another related to low-carb diets.

Yahoo – Again, a nutrition glossary, but this one also has terms related to the lifestyle changes good nutrition comes with.

Yale School of Medicine – A short nutrition glossary with the most important terms in the field that has been put together by the Yale School of Medicine.