11 noble titles glossaries

Not a very comprehensive list, yet these glossaries are bound to shed a light on those sovereign and noble titles, be it from France or elsewhere in Europe.

Regnal Chronologies – It’s impressive how many titles are out there. If you want to find out more, you can visit this glossary of titles which contains data about hereditary forms of governance, sovereign and noble titles.

Wikipedia 1 – This glossary provided by Wikipedia treats the various noble titles by nation. It’s thoroughly cross-referenced and detailed.

Wikipedia 2 – Also provided by Wikipedia, this glossary works on a broad definition of nobility, including ruling houses and nobilities, aristocracy and gentry.

Fact Monster – Want to know who’s who in a monarchy? Take a look at the aristocratic pecking order in this very short but useful glossary.

Regalis – From ‘accolade’ to ‘von’, a list of noble titles and related words from Regalis. Find out what you need here.

infoplease – Another look at the noble titles in a monarchy, this is a collection of terms with a special focus on the aristocratic order.

Wikipedia 3 – For everyone and anyone with an interest in Romanian nobility, a well-researched glossary on this subject.

Wikipedia 4 – Traditional rank amongst royalty, peers and nobility in one very handy and well researched glossary on noble titles from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia 5 – All you need to know about French nobility in this well researched and crossed referenced glossary, as we’ve got used to from Wikipedia.

The International Commission and Association on Nobility (TICAN) – Yet another glossary about royal and noble titles, very encompassing and well researched, accompanied by titles and forms of address.

Wikipedia 6 – Everything about royal families, royal houses and who they are in this very well cross-referenced glossary.