25 media (TV, radio) glossaries

Broadcasting jargon and radio lingo- if this area is where your interest lies, then this is the place for you. The glossaries below will come in handy when researching media terminology.

Fact Monster – A short, yet interesting broadcasting glossary, organised alphabetically.

Wikipedia – A cross-referenced list of broadcasting terms from Wikipedia, with extensive information available for most of the terms listed.

Lincoln Media Services – Browse through media-related definitions of terms and terminology: industry terms, buzz words and acronyms.

University of Wisconsin – A simple glossary of broadcast news terms, separated in three categories: general, television and radio.

Blue Onion Media – When it comes to media and advertising terminology, this is one of the best sources of information you’re going to find: just browse the category you’re interested in.

ThinkBox – A website with a special focus on TV advertising terminology, in alphabetical order.

Westcoast Video Productions – Over 30 pages dedicated to terms related to TV production, acronyms and abbreviations, which you can also download for offline use.

The News Manual – Looking for information regarding journalism and media? Then look no further, because you’ve found a glossary of terms related to this exact field.

BBC – If you need to know your OOV from your ACT, then take a look at this glossary of common media terms.

The Wall Street Journal – From the Wall Street Journal, a two-page document of the most common journalism terms you’ll come across.

QSL.net – This glossary of broadcast terminology is perfect if you’re trying to translate any related texts with difficult or specialised words and phrases.

DXing – A well-researched glossary of terms related to radio and radio broadcasting.

IndieDCP – If you find that you are confused when it comes to broadcasting lingo and terminology, then take a look at this broadcast industry glossary right here.

Evertz – From ‘1080p’ to ‘YPrPb’, technical film and broadcasting terms debunked and defined.

Terra Media – Abbreviations can give you a headache if you have no idea what they mean. If you want to avoid medication when translating such texts, just use this helpful glossary of media-related abbreviations.

Broadcast Engineering – A website dedicated to demystifying acronyms and abbreviations related to broadcast engineering.

ARRL – Learn about amateur radio terms and lingo by clicking on the first letter of the corresponding topic in this helpful glossary.

Rab – A short but helpful glossary of the most commonly used radio terms, defined and explained.

RadioGO – Another website dedicated to radio terms and terminology and their definitions.

About – From AC to XM, radio terms defined and explained in this easy and simple glossary from About.com.

Radio Researh Consortium – A collection of terms and definitions related to radio ratings and expressions of audience measurement.

DSL Reports – The amateur radio hobby has its own language, but you can understand it by browsing this glossary of common Ham radio terms.

University of Delaware – A great resource for radio related terminology. Some of the terms even have useful schemas and illustrations available on click.

eHam.net – Yet another glossary dedicated to radio terms, including acronyms and abbreviations.

Wiley Online Library – Download it or browse it online: over 10 pages of acronyms and abbreviations related to radio systems.