26 mathematics glossaries

For those of you more inclined towards maths, here is a collection of glossaries that cover terminology from this fascinating field. The accompanying descriptions will help you choose the right glossary for your needs.

MathWay – A glossary of maths terms, organised alphabetically and accompanied by a search button.

Math Goodies – A collection of terms related to mathematics, with additional fun: for each definition, you also get a link to a related lesson, game or worksheet.

About – An alphabetically organised glossary of mathematics from About.com. For each term you get a definition and additional examples.

Holt McDougle – A fantastic resource for those interested! A multilingual glossary with a search function, Spanish translations of terms and definitions and pronunciations.

Math2.org – An English – Spanish maths dictionary, with two more versions: Romanian – Spanish and German – English.

Math.com – A collection of commonly used maths terms, organised alphabetically and with definitions on click.

BarcodesInc – If you need to understand maths concepts, then you have found yourself in the right place: the complete mathematical terms dictionary.

StudyMaths – From ‘acute angle’ to ‘z axis’, a handy glossary of mathematical terms you need to know when you have an exam around the corner or are translating a paper on the matter.

eMaths – A 40 page downloadable glossary designed for maths teachers, extensively explained: Mathematics glossary for teachers in key stages 1 to 4, but also handy for linguists specialising in this field.

Quizlet – A short list of terms used in advanced mathematics. You can read them or have the website speak them out loud!

Suny Courtland – With almost 900 pages, this is one of the most encompassing sources of information on mathematical terminology you’ll find online. Even more, it’s downloadable: a concise dictionary of mathematics.

Oswego City School District – A downloadable 27 page glossary with a special focus on integrated algebra, intended for teacher use. It has extensive explanations and helpful schemas.

MathChamber – An algebra glossary, alphabetically organised with lots and lots of cross-references for easy access.

Oracle – If you’re confused when it comes to geometric symbols, then we have just the thing for you: a geometric glossary.

Multi Cultural Educational Services – Almost 15 pages of downloadable information on algebra and geometry terminology, with each term translated into Arabic.

Oswego City School District – For everyone with an interest in geometry, here is a downloadable 44 page glossary of specific terms, with definitions and schematics.

University of Houston – Aimed at middle school teachers but equally handy for translators working in this field, a probability and statistics vocabulary list, in a downloadable document of over 15 pages.

Core Learning – Yet another downloadable glossary of maths terminology, algebra and geometry, with short definitions and helpful diagrams at hand.

Abbreviations – Mathematics, like any field, has lots of abbreviations. You should know what they stand for so you can understand the texts. Here is a handy list of over 2400 acronyms related to the field.

RapidTables – Mathematical symbols might give you a headache if you have no idea what they mean. We’re giving you a 9 page downloadable document to help with that.

PRIME – A great resource for those interested in mathematics: a collection of definitions designed for maths students and enthusiasts at all academic levels.

StatSoft – Statistical maths has its own language, and this glossary aims to help you demystify it. Just click on a topic in the left column to get more details about it.

Berkeley University – A well cross-referenced glossary of statistic terminology, from Berkeley University. Each definition has links to key words you might not understand.

Earlham College – If you’re interested in first-order logic, then you’ll find this glossary useful: basic set theory, basic recursive function theory, two branches of logic (truth-functional propositional logic and first-order predicate logic) and their meta-theory.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT in Brno – More of a dictionary than a glossary, this website focuses on translating mathematical terminology from English to Czech and vice versa, and it’s equipped with a complex yet friendly search function.

Cut The Knot – This is more than a glossary, as each entry comes with extensive explanations. We approve!