23 jobs, occupations, HR and employment glossaries

From old occupations that no longer exist to the latest terms employed in HR, these glossaries contain thousands of terms, including the ones you are looking for. Just read the short description accompanying each glossary to see which one is the most suitable.

About – Find employment terms and employment definitions here. Search on pages designated to each individual letter of the alphabet.

HRmarketer – From ‘absenteeism’ to ‘XML’, a glossary of HR and benefit terms at your disposal.

Citizens Information – A short and helpful glossary of employment terms to help you with translating those papers.

The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) – For the benefit of students of management and human resource management, but also for those new to the HR profession, a glossary of HR terms.

Martyn Prowel Solicitors – Interested in extensive explanations of employment terms? Visit this glossary!

The Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor – Ever wonder about job titles and their definitions? Then this is the information you need: over 100 pages of the glossary of Standard Occupational Classification.

Family Crests & Coats of Arms – In many old documents, occupations had many different names, other than what we’ve got used to today. Use this guide to occupations’ synonyms and definitions to better understand the terms.

Rodney MH HALL – Curious about old occupations, their meaning and their equivalent names in today’s society? Visit this glossary of old occupations.

Roderic A. Davis – Need to find out what an occupation is an old text means? Then this dictionary of ancient occupations and trades, ranks, offices and titles will definitely come in handy!

Career Directions – Browsing through a list of career list can help you find the one meant for you, or help you with research on the matter, especially when the information provided is extensive.

Recruiter – This is the perfect site for exploring new careers or just looking for information on the matter. Organised into categories, from agriculture to transportation, you are bound to find what you’re looking for.

Useful English – Looking for a list of jobs and professions? Then this is it! Shorter than others, but it might prove helpful in some cases.

Ancestry – Yet another fantastic and encompassing list of many old occupations and their meaning.

World Through The Lens – Puzzled by some obscure occupations you’ve read about somewhere in a text? This dictionary will help: obscure old English census occupations.

Guide to the World of Occupations (GWO) – If you are interested in information on a particular occupation, all you have to do is find it in the list and click. Information on the job activities, where it is done and what tools they use is available in this alphabetical list of occupations.

Career Planner – The name says it all: over 12,000 careers in this list! It includes educational requirements, job outlook, salary ranges, work environment, and much more.

Your Dictionary – HR acronyms can give you a headache, but this handy list can help you browse through them and understand them better. It’s organised by category.

College of Sputhern Nevada – Another list of HR acronyms at your disposal! Just take a look and find what you’ve been searching for.

National Institutes of Health – A very encompassing list of commonly-used acronyms and abbreviations, useful for employees, mostly specific to the USA.

All Acronyms – Don’t know what that professional title acronym means? You’re bound to find your answer in this list of 913 professional title acronyms and abbreviations.

Indiana University – A job code title abbreviation list, mostly used in electronic documents, and useful for deciphering them as well.

Abbreviations – Browse through 3,653 acronyms and abbreviations related to positions. One of the most encompassing lists available online!

University of Illinois – From the University of Illinois, 3 pages of position/job title abbreviations lists. Download it or browse it online.