35 jewellery and watches glossaries

Last updated 31 July 2020

Gemstones, cuts, beads – all and more covered in these glossaries. The second category is dedicated to watches (including watchmaking terminology).


eBags – You can find here a list that covers the most popular jewellery-related terms (including types of jewellery and materials). A real heaven for jewellery aficionados.

Braybrook & Britten – This site has put together a list of important jewellery-related terms (including styles, gemstone cuts, decorations, fastenings and so on).

Enchanted Learning – This is an illustrated dictionary of jewellery containing a lot of terms which are explained thoroughly and in an easy-to-understand way.

Ideal World TV – We have all heard of rubies, diamonds and emeralds, but do you know what an ammolite looks like? Or maybe a hessonite? Each gemstone is presented by means of a picture and explanation.

F. Hinds – A jargon buster glossary of jewellery related terms gives explanations for types of jewellery, cuts, fastenings and so on.

Gem Affair – This is one of the largest and most well-researched glossaries of jewellery-related terminology.

Jeweller – This online glossary covers the basic terms related to the jewellery industry jargon.

Days of Elegance – You can find here a large number of terms related to jewellery, as well as some very comprehensive explanations for each of them.

eBay – This gemstones and jewellery glossary covers common, basic and some of the least popular terms.

JTV – This gemstone and jewellery glossary covers a very large number of terms and gives comprehensive definitions for each of them.

Jewelry Making Daily – You love to wear jewellery, but do you know how they are made? A glossary that contains jewellery-making terminology and easy-to-understand definitions for each word on the list.

Body Jewellery Shop – A glossary that contains a large number of terms connected to body piercing and body piercing jewellery.

NBlack Lock – They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Here you can find the most important terms related to diamonds and diamond jewellery.

H. Samuel – A list of jewellery-related terminology that offers a comprehensive definition for each of the terms.

Bruford and Carr – This is a list of jewellery-related terms listed alphabetically that has been well put together and explained.

Bead Addict – As the name suggests, a glossary focusing on beading terminology (including types of beads, metals, alloys and other materials).

Sassi Jewels – This site has put together a collection of jewellery-related terminology and the explanations given are very easy to understand.

Guyot Brothers Company – This glossary is a very good source of information related to jewellery terminology.

Studio Jewellery – From types of gold to precious stones and jewellery parts, every term comes with a handy picture.


JTV – This website page has put together a long list of terms related to watches (including types and features).

BJS Online – This glossary of watch terminology offers a good number of terms, as well as comprehensive definitions.

Watches of Switzerland – A very easy to understand guide of horological terminology that contains the most important terms related to the industry.

Amazon – This glossary focuses on watch-related terms (including features and materials).

C.W. Sellors – A glossary that explains the most important terms related to watches.

Omega – This website has put together a glossary of terms related to watches, their features and the materials from which they are made.

Tourbillon Watches – A watch glossary that has been carefully put together and that gives comprehensive definitions for each of its terms.

The Watch Guy – This glossary gives easy-to-understand explanations for terms connected to watches, watchmaking and specific watch features.

Wave – A well-researched list of the most popular watch-related terms and their definitions.

Watch Time – A glossary of horological terminology that not only gives thorough explanations for each term, but also gives photos as example for most of the terms described.

Prestige Time – This website page contains a large number of watch-related terms and gives interesting and comprehensive information regarding each of them.

TimeZone – This illustrated guide focuses on watch parts and other terms related to them and gives extensive information and explanations on the topic.

Overstock – This glossary covers the most commonly encountered watch terms and gives brief definitions for each of them.

Professional Watches – This alphabetically-arranged list gives comprehensive explanations for some of the most important terms related to watches and watchmaking.

The Wall Street Journal – On this site you can find the most common watch and watchmaking-related terms.

Watcharama – This list contains a large number of terms related to watches, including manufacturing-related terms and materials.