47 investing glossaries

Possibly one of the most jargon-filled industries there are, the field of investing is quite a fascinating one if you have a passion for it. But you may need some help in order to understand all those terms. This is why we have put together a list of glossaries to help you.

NASDAQ – First on our list is the NASDAQ glossary. It’s one of the most extensive dictionaries on investing you will come across and it contains definitions for a variety of terms, acronyms and abbreviations related to this field. It’s very user-friendly and it provides multiple options of researching terms.

Investopedia – Investopedia is another excellent resource when it comes to learning the investors’ lingo. It contains numerous terms, abbreviations and acronyms related to the stock market, investing, finance and the economy.

Morningstar – Another fantastic list of investment terms where you’re able to search the term you’re looking for directly and get a well-documented definition. It’s a very extensive glossary, covering even the most complex terms used in this industry.

About – Another great resource, considerably smaller than the previous ones, but a glossary where you are bound to find more extended definitions for the terms you are looking for.

Competence Software – A glossary containing some of the most important terms in financing and investing. The definitions are short and the list is not particularly encompassing, however it could be of help to you if you’re interested in certain general terms and phrases pertaining to this field.

World Gold Council – A list of words covering investing, followed by clear and concise definitions. It focuses more on gold trading, but it’s also pertinent to the general side of investing.

Duke – Duke University offers a highly extensive glossary covering all aspects of financing in alphabetical order. It’s a wonderful resource to keep in mind if you’re having trouble with the terminology in this field.

Gold Investing News – If you’re translating a text related to gold investing and you’re finding the terminology a bit of a challenge, then this glossary was conceived for you. It contains a multitude of terms and acronyms that refer to the process of trading gold on international stock markets and it explains each word in an easily understandable language.

Investor Guide – Investor Guide has compiled an excellent list of terms and acronyms related to investing and trading. The site is very easy to navigate and it offers multiple options for researching words.

American Association of Individual Investors – This next glossary was provided by the American Association of Individual Investors and it contains a multitude of terms designed to help you better navigate through the fog surrounding investing and financing jargon.

Fidelity – A very thorough list of terms and acronyms related to investing, exchange rates, the stock market, finance and many more variations. Unfortunately, there’s no search button, but you can browse for words alphabetically.

Scottrade – Next on our list is the Scottrade glossary. It’s not highly encompassing, but it provides extensive definitions for most terms and you can search for words directly through a Search column or alphabetically.

Investmentterms – If you want to know more about investment, then this glossary provides definitions to general investment related terms and terminology.

Investor.gov – When it comes to investing terminology, this is probably one of the richest glossaries you can find.

Bank of America – Having trouble with your investment vocabulary? Browse through this 20 page downloadable document to help you with translating and understanding investment terms.

New York Stock Exchange – A fairly comprehensive list of commonly use terms and acronyms in the securities and financial industries. Plus, you can take it with you offline!

Investor Dictionary – As the name states, an Investor Dictionary. Keyword based searches are easy and handy, and this online dictionary provides easy browsing through their definitions.

InvestEd – Investing terms and especially acronyms can be daunting, but this glossary will help you if you are looking for abbreviations and definitions in this field.

The Investment Association – Don’t understand something related to investing? Either browse for it or type it into the search field, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Investing in bonds – Bonds can sometimes give you a headache, but with this useful online glossary of bond terms you won’t need too much medication. Just browse for the terms alphabetically.

Amex – A short but comprehensive glossary on Exchange Traded Funds.

CALSTRS – Ever have problems deciphering investing acronyms and abbreviations? This glossary is dedicated to helping you with understanding them. Have a look!

Investors RouteMap – Also a glossary of investment acronyms, an international lexicon of economic, political and financial acronyms which contains the acronym translation and its explanation.

Telkom Investor Relations – Easy to browse alphabetically, this glossary has terms with comprehensive definitions, as well as a number of acronyms related to the financial field.

Reita – This glossary contains a comprehensive list of terms and their definitions about property investment.

Property Investments Now – This A to Z property investment glossary will help you understand the specific language of property investment markets.

Jason Wilcox – If you want to find the best investment opportunity, it’s important to know real estate investment terms and exactly what they mean. Take a look at this comprehensive glossary!

Property Investment House – As suggested by the name, this is yet another glossary on property investment. You can browse the terms alphabetically.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission – From the Australian Securities & Investment Commission comes a comprehensive and extensive glossary on investing terms and terminology.

Investment Properties Info – If you need to figure out abbreviations, acronyms and terms about property investment, this glossary is also a useful source of information on this matter. Broken down into categories (acronyms and definitions) it’s easy to browse.

Investment Property Guru – Equipped with a search button and many definitions, this is one of the most comprehensive property glossaries you can find online.

Investors Choice Mortgages – Yet another glossary on investing terms and abbreviations, provided by Investors Choice.

TMX Money – If you want to speak the language of the stock market, consult this stock market terms glossary that will help you understand capital markets better.

First Trade – Use this glossary to look up any financial term you need defined, especially the ones related to investment.

London Stock Exchange – From the London Stock exchange comes a very comprehensive financial dictionary of investment terms and definitions.

Sharetrading Education – This glossary aids beginning traders in understanding the terms and vocabulary of the stock market. A 20 page downloadable document which contains the A to Z of the stock market.

Trading Glossary – You would have guessed from the name that this website focuses on trading and trade-related terms and terminology.

PwC – 136 pages of a highly comprehensive collection of terms used in the trading of oil and gas, utilities and mining commodities. Browse it online or download it – your choice!

Trade Development Network – Trading terms can be hard to understand sometimes, but this glossary provides definitions of terms commonly used in general trade business which can prove very helpful.

Trade Finance Magazine – A guide to terminology used across the trade, supply chain, commodity and agency finance markets.

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission – This glossary is intended to assist anyone in understanding some of the specialised words and phrases used in the futures industry.

Forex – If you are looking for definitions of particular investing and finance related terms, this is one of the most complete and comprehensive dictionaries you can find!

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth – Find it hard to grasp concepts related to private equity? Demystify some of these terms in this well-explained private equity glossary of terminology.

The Global Venture Capital Directory – We like this glossary because it contains very specific terms and definitions regarding venture capital.

Investopedia – This is one of the best sources of information regarding mutual funds investment terms.

Investment Company Institute – A glossary constituted in a downloadable 8 page document of mutual fund and other related financial terms.

European Commission – 18 pages of useful terms linked to markets in financial instruments from the European Commission.