42 home design and decoration glossaries

For all home design and home decoration aficionados, as well as for linguists who want to specialise in these areas, we have put together a collection of glossaries to cover the terminology of these two fields. The descriptions will help you choose the most suitable glossary according to your interest and needs.

Home Pro Inspection – This glossary focuses on general terminology related to interior design. You can find here terms belonging to a wide range of fields, from architecture to building.

Canadian House and Home – This website has put together a list of terms connected to specific parts of the interiors.

The Plan Collection – A home design and building glossary that was initially aimed at those trying to understand their houses’ blueprints.

Ralph Lauren Home – A glossary offered by Ralph Lauren Home that brings together interior design terms used by both specialists and amateurs.

The V Collective – This website has put together terms focusing on interior design styles and cabinetry.

National Kitchen and Bath Association – A glossary containing interior design terminology specifically related to bath and kitchen.

Home Design Flooring 1 – A home design glossary containing terms connected to laminate flooring.

Home Design Flooring 2 – This glossary has been created by the same website as the one before it, but it focuses on hardwood flooring.

Home Design Flooring 3 – Again, a flooring home design glossary offered by the same website as the other two glossaries that have been previously mentioned.

Home Haus – Although there are not a lot of terms listed in this glossary and although you may find it difficult to actually search a term (they are arranged in an alphabetic order, but you will have to go through five pages), this glossary contains exemplifying images, which is definitely a plus.

Curtain Shop – A glossary of interior design terminology that is specifically centred on curtains.

Westwind design – Most of the terms listed in this glossary are not very likely to be found in other general interior design/home design glossaries, which can be a great advantage of this website. Furthermore, the explanations given are comprehensive, even if the number of words included is not impressive.

Laguna design Center – This glossary lists terms belonging both to the actual activity of interior designing and to the industry itself.

Quality Cabinets – A glossary meant to explain the most common terms connected to cabinets and the wood from which they are made.

Marvin Windows and Doors – A home design glossary focusing on doors, windows, their parts and the materials from which they are made.

Lumens – This home design glossary lists the most important terms used in the lightning sub-field.

WHL design Group – A general interior design glossary that you can both check out online and download as a PDF.

Quizlet – Although the words listed in this glossary may have been encountered in other places as well, we liked this website because it offers the pronunciation of both the terms themselves and of their definition.

Plinth & Chintz – This is a great resource if you are looking for general terminology connected to interior design. The explanations given are comprehensive, easy to understand and, on top of that, the website also provides you with exemplifying images for most of the terms.

About – Not an impressive number of words listed by this About.com interior design glossary, but the quality of the explanations given made us include the glossary here.

Get interior design – This online glossary of interior design terminology features some of the most important words used in this field.

Residential home Remodelling – This is another long list of interior design-related terms. So, if you haven’t yet found what you were looking for, chances are that you may find it here.

Windermere Real Estate – This website explains the most important 19 styles used in interior designs. Pictures, as well as extensive explanations are provided and they are fairly easy to understand.

Danconia Interiors – You may not be used to the design of this website, but the explanations given for the terms listed in this glossary may be very useful for you, especially if you are looking for something that is more on the ‘professional’ side.

Decorator Secrets – An interior decorations glossary aimed mainly at non-professionals (therefore, you can expect a list of basic terms and easy-to-understand explanations).

Inter Decorating – This glossary brings together painting, interior decorations and interior design terms.

The Best Interior Designers – This glossary of decorative window treatments may not be very long. Yet, it is comprehensive, useful and it provides the user with exemplifying pictures.

New England Institute of Restoration and Cleaning – This is a very rich glossary of furniture-related terminology.

DecorateITOnline – Some of the most commonly encountered terms used by interior designers are included in this glossary.

L’Essenziale Home Designs – This is a wonderful glossary of fabrics commonly used in interior designing and decoration.

Home Made Simple – This is a glossary focusing mostly on terms you will encounter in the DIY field of interior design.

Home Decorators Collection – A glossary of interior design/decoration styles and stylistic terms.

Budget Decorating – Not a very long glossary, but a useful one if you are searching for further information regarding certain interior decorations terminology. By clicking on each term, you will be redirected towards a page with extensive explanations related to the term (including common misspellings).

Better Homes and Gardens – Another furniture-related terminology glossary. However, this time you will also be provided with cross-reference links, if you are looking to understand a term better.

Design Your Wall – A glossary focusing entirely on terminology connected to wallpapers (not the computer ones, but the ‘original’ ones).

Decorating Heaven – This glossary is focused mostly on the same topic as the one before it. However, the terms here are slightly different.

Ebay – A glossary centred on everything mirror-related (including wood).

Themed Home Decor – In addition to some of the most basic terms used in interior design, this glossary also contains a classification of the types of wood and timber.

Dallas Home Design Glossary – The terms in this interior design/decoration are split into several categories, from general to kitchen-related, from garage-related to architectural terms.

FCA Design Center – This glossary focuses on leather upholstery terminology.

Sew 4 Home – A glossary of interior decoration terminology focused mostly on sewing-related words.

Home Furnishings – This is a glossary of furnishing-related terminology. Its greatest advantage is the fact that it contains a large number of words, so there is a great chance that you will find what you are searching for.