33 hobbies glossaries

We have put together a number of links to online glossaries of terms related to the field of hobbies – from usual ones like knitting to hobbies with interesting names like deltiology. We have included a short description to help you decide if they are what you are looking for.

AbeBooks – If you are passionate about books or need to get familiar with terms used in this field, AbeBooksis the right place. They have put together several glossaries to help with terminology in this area:

AbeBooks 1 – From ARC to yapped and everything in between – a very comprehensive glossary for book lovers.
AbeBooks 2 – When discussing book sizes, things may get complicated, but this short glossary and the video will definitely come to the rescue.
AbeBooks 3 – Buying or collecting books? Then you will need to understand the lingo used in the field.
AbeBooks 4 – Best book binding glossary we’ve come across. Very good explantaions, all accompanied by relevant pictures. We love it!
AbeBooks 5 – The most common abbreviations you are likely to encounter if you are translating a text about books, book collecting, book binding and the like.

ATSnotes – On this website you will find a collection of terms related to banknotes.

Bird On! – A compilation of bird watching terminology for anyone interested in this field.

Fanciers – This online resource contains terms (including acronyms) for those who love cats (or write/translate articles about the cute felines).

Coconut Coast Handmade Soap Co. – We have come across this rather unexpected yet interesting glossary with terms and acronyms about soap and soap making, called ‘Glossary for the Modern Soap Maker’

Australian Speleological Federation Inc. – Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms – Each of the definitions of the terms in this glossary of speleology and caving is followed by a reference to the source. A very useful feature is the possibility to download a .zip file with all the terms. Very handy if you need to access a definition offline.

HuntingNet – This online glossary consists of terms related to hunting, together with their meanings. It is not only for those with a passion for or interest in this sport, but also for those who need to understand the terminology.

Jake’s Marketplace – A perfect match for the banknotes glossary introduced above, this is collection of terms related to coins. Now you can find out all there is to know about money.

PCGS – PCGS stands for Professional Coin Grading Service and it offers definitions for words used in the field of coin collection, including slang.

Lion Brand Yarns – Knitting and crochet are very popular hobbies, but the lingo is sometimes hard to crack. This website lists the most common abbreviations used in the field.

Crochet Me – If you find yourself faced with a text on crocheting and you are struggling with certain terminology, have a look at this glossary. Each term is accompanied by an illustration to help you understand it easier.

KnittingHelp – Similar to crochet, knitting has its own terminology. This glossary sheds a light on acronyms and abbreviations used in this field.

Scales and Fins – A glossary on fishkeeping with simple and easy to understand definitions.

Age of Aquariums – From acclimatization to wet/dry filter, this glossary helps you with the jargon used by fishkeepers.

Pond Life – Fishkeeping terminology also includes a fair number of acronyms and abbreviations and if this is what you are looking for, check out this glossary.

Beekeeping – Another keeping glossary, this one on bees, as this hobby (or occupation for some) has its own lingo.

Honey Bee Suite – We love this glossary on beekeeping because it is comprehensive, it includes abbreviations and has very good definitions.

Robert J. Lang Origami – Origami is not just fascinating (and difficult), but it uses special terminology and this is where this site will come in handy. A very comprehensive resource, with lots of cross-references.

British Origami Society – We have included this glossary of origamy terms from the British Origami Society for its short and easy to understand definitions.

Wikipedia – For detailed and cross-referenced definitions of pottery terms, this glossary from Wikipedia might be just what you are lookig for.

Pottery Studio – A nicely organised gloosary of terms and abbreviations used in pottery to help you with that interesting translation project.

Straight Stitch Society – Sewing terminology explained. Comprehensive definitions that will help with this area.

Kate Dicey – Another glossary aimed at the jargon used in sewing. If you haven’t found the term you needed in the previous one, you may want to have a look at this site.

Named – Also a list of sewing terms to complete the previous ones to make sure you will find what you need.

Deltiology – Did you know that the hobby of postcard collecting is called deltiology? Not only that, but it has its own lingo and this glossary can help you speak it fluently.

The Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City – This glossary of deltiology also contains a number of terms related to the more technical aspects. The definitions are quite comprehensive, so it is definitely a great resource.

The British Postal Museum & Archive – The most comprehensive philatelic glossary we have come across. Whichever troublesome term related to post collecting is giving you a headache, you are very likely to find it in this list.

Vinyl LP Record Collector’s Guide – Whether you are interested in vinyl record collecting or are translating a text and the terminology is hard to undrstand, this glossary contains some of the most common terms and abbreviations used in the field.

Drexel University – What we love the most about this resource, apart from being very useful and very detailed, is that it is downloadable as a PDF so you can use it offline if you decide to work in that nice coffee shop round the corner wihtout Wi-Fi.