20 grammar and linguistics glossaries

Grammar and linguistics are two related fields very dear to translators and interpreters. As fascinating as they are, they are also quite complex when it comes to terminology. And this is why we have collected a number of glossaries to give you a hand. The two categories and the short descriptions make your search straightforward and easy.


Using English – A fully cross-referenced glossary of linguistics and grammar terms. Each definition has useful cross-references to important terms.

English Plus – An alphabetically organised glossary of grammatical terms, each with examples for better understanding.

Grammar Monster – For anyone interested in grammatical terms and their definition, a glossary of terms and definitions, each with examples.

English Club – A short list of English grammar terms, the most commonly used ones.

About – A glossary of 100 key grammatical terms and their brief definitions. You can also find extensive examples by clicking each term.

University of Oslo – A very encompassing glossary of grammatical terms, accompanied by their Norwegian translation.

Bemidji State University – A glossary with a focus on grammatical terminology. Not as encompassing as others, but it might be what you’re looking for.

Athabasca University – Yet another alphabetically organised glossary of grammatical terms, each of them accompanied by a short definition and an example.

Nakedize – If ‘simplifying life’ is their motto, then that is exactly what they’re offering: simple definitions and explanations, helpfully organised into three easy categories.

Oxford Dictionaries – A jargon buster glossary of grammar terminology, for when you find grammatical terms confusing or hard to remember

About – A list of abbreviations commonly found in scholarly writings and documentation – short and to the point.

Using English – A very rich glossary of terms related to the English grammar. This is perfect both for those who are learning the language and for those looking for very specific terms.


University of Duisburg-Essen – A ‘small glossary of linguistics’, which is surprisingly quite encompassing and organised into handy categories. Just pick your general category at the top and browse away!

RinkWorks – From ‘ablaut’ to ‘zeugma’, we give you a glossary of linguistics and rhetoric.

Babel Linguistics Inc – Almost 30 pages of downloadable information on linguistic terminology and definitions, with every term translated from English to Spanish.

Alpha Dictionary – A short glossary of linguistics, containing the most common terms of the field. Some of the terms even have pronunciation guidelines and extensive information on click.

SIL International – A great resource if you’re translating from English to French or viceversa. This is more of a dictionary of linguistic terms, each term being accompanied by synonyms.

Linguisticsweb.org – Having trouble with some concepts and terms in linguistics? Then here is a glossary focused on concepts and terms in linguistics, corpus and computational linguistics.

All Words – A fantastic resource for translators: a linguistics glossary equipped with a friendly search function with different options.

SIL International Linguistics – This website has organised a long series of questions and answers related to terms used in linguistics. Questions are arranged in alphabetical order and explanations include links to other related terms/questions.