84 gods, monsters and mythical creatures glossaries

Mythology! What an enchanting sphere to explore, with all its creatures, monsters and gods. But with such an abundance of terms and names, it may be a demanding task to translate or localise materials dealing with this field. However, with the help of these glossaries, it will be a lot easier. The glossaries are split into handy categories and they are also accompanied by short descriptions so you know what to expect.

Roman and Greek mythology

Artcyclopedia – Every ancient culture had its own brand of religion. Here is a glossary of Roman and Greek mythology, cross-referenced and with a ‘search pictures’ option.

San Diego State University 1 – If you want to know more about the Olympians, the gods that overthrew the great Titans, you are in the right place.

San Diego State University 2 – Everything you need to know about the Titans, the elder gods that once ruled the Earth.

Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas – A short list of other minor gods from the Greek mythology.

Steven J. Gibson – Arecibo Observatory – The Greek mythology is so extensive that even the Pleiads, daughters of Atlas, have their own separate mythology. Find out who the Seven Sisters were here.

Windows to the Universe – Roman and Greek mythology is as similar as it is different and this can be confusing. A comparison between equivalent gods in the Roman and Greek mythologies. We love it!

Nova Roma – We like this website because it also has a German version. A list of gods and goddesses of Rome, with their role and stories.

Religion Facts – A short but handy glossary of Greek and Roman religion: gods, heroes and other related term.

All Words – A glossary of mythology terms, equipped with a friendly search function.

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica 1 – The Encyclopedia Mythica is probably one of the most extensive sources of information regarding Greek mythology. Find out what you need to know about all the gods, heroes and rituals.

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica 2 – For everyone interested, information on the less-mythical entities of the Greek mythology: heroes, kings, warriors, seers and other characters from Greek legends.

Fact Monster – Extensive and cross-referenced information on Greek and Roman mythology.

Myth Index – A comprehensive dictionary of Greek mythology, with over 3,700 entries for the Greek ones and over 500 for the Roman, with names translated in Greek.

The White Goddess – Curious about the feminine part of mythology? Here is a list of goddesses from around the world, some well-known and some not so well known, and some illustrated! It includes even British goddesses.

Quizlet – A fantastic source of information on Greek mythological creatures. Not so long, but provides pronunciation of not only the name, but also of the definition. We certainly love it!

Tales beyond Belief – An amazing website on the mythology of ancient Roman and Greek gods. Names, pictures, legends, family trees and videos. It’s more than just a glossary. It’s a complete resource! Highly recommended!

Infoplease – Information on a few monsters of the Greek mythology, some illustrated.

The Ventrue Network – A website dedicated to terms related to mythology. Heroes, gods, and most important – specific vocabulary.

Theoi – If you are looking for a reliable source of information regarding Greek and Roman mythology, you’ve found it! Well organised into categories (e.g. gods, titans, nymphs), accompanied by pictures, Roman correspondents and much more.

Universal/general mythology

Wikipedia – Word of legendary creatures travels across countries. A well-referenced list of legendary creatures from different mythologies from Wikipedia.

Mythical Creatures Guide – Staring at this website’s black background might be tiresome, but it’s definitely worth it! A very thorough list of mythical creatures from across the Globe, most of them illustrated with pictures.

Pinterest – Want to put a face to the name of that mythical beast you’ve heard of? Then this is the place for you. A very well illustrated and explained collection of mythical creatures and beasts.

Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses by Michael Jordan – A 420 page downloadable document on gods and goddesses from all over the world, all with extensive explanations.

God finder – One of the most extensive lists of gods you can find online. Search for the name of almost any god from any culture and find out their origin and role in mythology.

Norse mythology

h2g2 – A website that provides information on Norse mythology and the Vikings: a list of gods and information of other kinds.

Rosala Viking Centre – A short list of the more important Viking gods and more in depth information about them.

Dickinson College – One of the more comprehensive sources of information you can find, this website provides details about each god’s mythology and some are even illustrated.

The Viking Answer Lady – Valkyries, Wish-Maidens, Swan-Maidens and everything you need to know about them. Extensive information on each category, meanings and pictures.

Mythical Creatures Guide – A very extensive list of mythical creatures from the Norse mythology. 244 creatures and 63 alternative names. We recommend!

Mythical Creatures List – Lots of information about characters of the Norse mythology, locations and other terms, along with brief descriptions.

infoplease – Lots of information about characters of the Norse mythology, locations and other terms, along with brief descriptions.

Wikipedia – A short list of heroes in North myths and legends, each of them with extensive information.

African mythology

Pantheon – African mythology is a very interesting subject and this website on general African mythologies contains entries on almost all of them, from Ashanti to Zulu mythology.

Mythical Creatures List – Africa has many fabulous beasts in their myths. Browse through 115 creatures and 23 alternative names here.

God checker – The A to Z of African gods. 193 of them, plus 124 of their alternative names.

Wikipedia – Quite an encompassing list of African mythological figures and their attributes, organised by tribe/culture.

Myth Home – A great resource for people interested in African gods and their associates. Find out more by clicking on each one of them.

Mythology dictionary – Everything on African lore, gods, demigods, heroes, symbols and other famous mythological creatures. Plus, on the left, you can browse through a multitude of their cultures and their myths.

Celtic mythology

Leigh T. Denault – Information on Celtic gods and heroes, especially each god’s significance.

Myth Home – Similar to the site with the same name from the previous category, find out more about each god and their associates by clicking on them.

God checker – The complete list of Celtic gods. 121 deities, along with 47 alternative names, all here!

Mythical Creatures List – Mythical creatures have an important role in mythology, and Celtic creatures are definitely numerous: 226 creatures and 131 of their alternative names on this encompassing website.

Wikipedia – Encompassing and cross-referenced, from Wikipedia comes a list of deities from the Celtic pantheon.

Pinterest – Want to know what Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war would look like? Take a look at an album of Celtic gods, goddesses, heroes and mythological creatures, some accompanied by their stories.

Aztec mythology

Mexicolore – A gallery of the most important Aztec gods. Awesome depictions and informative descriptions.

God checker – From ‘Acolmiztli’ to ‘Yiacatecuhtli’ and everything in between, some of the weirdest and hardest to pronounce god names: 99 Aztec gods plus 79 alternative names.

The White Goddess – A nice and clean list with a special focus on Aztec gods and goddesses, along with attributes and correspondences, accompanied by lots of other cultures and their deities on the right.

Thomas H. Frederiksen – A very comprehensive list of minor Aztec deities, each with their very own detailed description. Highly recommended for those with an interest.

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – Quite a thorough list of deities, monsters and other Aztec mythology-related terms. 93 articles just waiting to be read.

Egyptian mythology

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – Also from Encyclopedia Mythica, an encompassing list of deities, people and places from the amazing Egyptian mythology. Some names are even accompanied by depictions and their writing in hieroglyphs!

Wikipedia – A list of Egyptian deities, with lots of information and cross-reference.

Ancient Egypt – Ancient Egypt had a large mythology depicted in writings. Here is an awesome resource which provides pictures, drawings and other information as well.

God checker – An encompassing list of 173 Egyptian gods and 194 of their alternative names from this fantastic website, with cross-references.

Wikipedia – A short list of legendary creatures in Egyptian mythology, from Wikipedia.

Mythical Creatures List – 60 creatures and 26 alternative names from the vast Egyptian mythology right here.

Mayan mythology

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – A people who occupied a vast territory, with an equally vast mythology. The Maya mythology, with all of their gods, goddesses and rituals here.

God checker – The A to Z of Mayan gods: 118 of them and 136 alternative names.

Wikipedia – A name list of Maya gods and supernatural beings, each accompanied by a brief description and some with much more extensive articles at hand.

Indian/Hindu mythology

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – The beliefs, practices and socio-religious institutions of the Hindus. Everything you need to know here: people, gods, places.

Religion facts – A short list of main gods and goddesses from the Hindu mythology, with helpful information on each of them.

Sanatan society – For those who are strangers to the Hindu practices, a helpful website filled with information and pictures on the more important Hindu deities.

Wikipedia 1 – As any mythology, Hindu has its own legendary creatures. Find out information on the most common 22 of these here, on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia 2 – Apart from gods and creatures, the Hindu mythology also has its demons. A list of articles on 18 of them.

Mythical Creatures List – 146 creatures and 31 of their alternative names from the Indian mythology.

God checker – With over 262 gods and 65 alternative names, this is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on Indian mythology.

Chinese mythology

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – An amazing source of information: deities and places from the Chinese mythology, transcribed according to the pinyin system and accompanied by their name in traditional Chinese. We love it!

God checker – From ‘Ao Chin’ to ‘Zi Gu’, 153 gods plus 339 alternative names which include, alongside Chinese mythology, Daoist, Buddhist and folk religions.

Wikipedia – 49 Wikipedia pages on Chinese legendary creatures: depiction, etymology and much more.

God checker – Information on the four holy animals of the Chinese mythology. Take a look here and see what they’re all about.

Mythology dictionary – Chinese lore, gods, demigods, heroes, symbols and mythological creatures: an extensive glossary on the matter.

Japanese mythology

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – The mythology of Japan, its origins and the gods, spirits, men and animals that appear in the legends and stories.

God checker – A lot of gods for such a small territory: here are details on 128 of these gods and 49 of their alternative names.

Wikipedia – A list of deities from the Japanese religion, from Shinto, Buddhism and the Seven lucky Gods.

Richard A. Astin. – We love this website because it provides short and clear explanations, even though the background can be a little hard on the eyes.

The White Goddess – A handy table of Japanese gods, the type and their title, plus much more info on each of them.

Wikipedia – An extensive and comprehensive list of legendary creatures from Wikipedia. Demons, ghosts, obake, yurei and other mythical Japanese creatures.

Cracked – In Japanese culture, there’s a demon or deity for every occasion. Here are 10 of the most bizarre Japanese creatures, with a comic twist.

Mythology dictionary – They say there is an indefinite number of Japanese deities out there, but here is a very long and encompassing list which might cover what you’re looking for.

Other cultures and religions

Myth home – If the mythology you’re looking for is more obscure and less common, try browsing this website where you can look through mythologies by theme.

Mythical Creatures List – Dive into the world of mythology. A list of mythical creatures, helpfully organised by category and with a handy search button.

Mythology dictionary – Information on general lore and mythology, from the Mythology dictionary.

The White Goddess – A comprehensive and vast list of gods and goddesses from different mythologies.

God checker – 25 pantheons of gods and goddesses on a helpful website.

Pantheon’s Encyclopedia Mythica – Over 7,000 entries on mythical lore. A fantastic resource which you can browse by continent, country and much more.