43 geology and geography glossaries

Adret slope, maquis, zeugen… geography and geology terminology is so vast that we needed quite a few glossaries to cover all the terms. From physical to human geography, marine geography, geology, volcanoes, wetland, we got it all. Read the short descriptions so you can choose the glossary you need.

ITS Education – A very useful resource for students looking to define terms related to physical and human geography, but also related disciplines. Over 1,500 terms and abbreviations can be found here.

Enchanted Learning – An illustrated glossary of the most common geography terms, accompanied by definitions and explanations.

Info Please – If you’re trying to figure out how to read map projections, then this website might help.

Wikipedia – An alphabetically-organised glossary of geographical terms, with lots of cross-references and extensive details from Wikipedia.

Physical Geography – A glossary with a focus on physical geography. From ‘ablation’ to ‘zooplankton’, everything you need to translate right here.

Human Geography – Might be a little hard on the eyes, but despite the black background, this is one of the few and more comprehensive glossaries with a focus on human geography online.

Barcelona Field Studies Centre – Interested in population geography but can’t figure out what some of those terms mean? Then browse this website and you might just figure it out.

GoBokee – A 250 page downloadable document with a focus on physical geography terminology. Very handy.

Valparaiso University – A great resource for those interested in world human geography. Very reliable and handy.

Buzzle – Equipped with some photos and explanations, this is a very encompassing and comprehensive glossary of geography terms and definitions.

CENGAGE Learging – Looking for a crash course in geology terminology? Then you’ve found the perfect glossary of geology terms for students.

Speleogenesis – Speleology has its own language. Here is a glossary of cave and karst terms for those trying to decipher and translate speciality texts.

Monterey Bay Aquarium – A very handy, alphabetically organised glossary for those trying to demystify marine geography terms and terminology.

Ellin Beltz – Geography is a vast domain, and one of its fields is glacier study. Here is a glacier glossary, filled with specific terminology.

Maryland – As with any profession, forestry has its own vocabulary. This glossary aims to provide a better understanding of the terminology associated with woodland management.

Edwards Aquifer Website – Trying to decrypt texts related to water resources? Here is a glossary with a special focus on the matter.

Soil Science – When it comes to soil terminology, this is one of the most comprehensive glossaries you can find. Equipped with a search button and alphabetically organised, it’s very user-friendly and filled with professional terminology, explanations and additional information. We highly recommend it!

Berkeley Library – Abbreviations are a huge part of GIS. Here is a dictionary of abbreviations and acronyms in Geographic Information Systems, cartography and remote sensing, where you are bound to find what you’re looking for.

University of Washington – A very encompassing glossary centred around economic geography terminology and terms.

U.S. Geological Survey – One of the best resources you can find on geography terminology: definitions of terms, plus schemas and extensive explanations. Highly recommended!

Volcano World – Are some of those texts on volcanoes posing any problems when translating? Here is a glossary of volcanic and geologic terms at your disposal.

Athena – An amazing resource when it comes to mineralogy! Chemical formulas, pictures and territorial coverage. We love it!

GeoMania – From ‘aa’ to ‘ ‘zone of accumulation’, everything you need to know about earth science terms and terminology.

AllAcronyms – Geography, like any domain, uses abbreviations, which can sometimes be daunting. 333 acronyms and abbreviations related to geography here!

Abbreviations – 40 pages of geology abbreviations and acronyms. You are bound to decipher those geology-related articles now.

British Geological Survey – Long words often require shortening and mineralogy is filled with them. A 14 page glossary of mineral abbreviations used in specialised texts.

U.S. Geological Survey – Download this handy 2 page document of geologic age symbols for your own personal use. Figure out any geological time scale with it.

Exploration, production & geology – Petroleum industries have become very extensive and part of this industry is related to geology. Here is a list of petroleum geology acronyms, equipped with a friendly search button.

U.S. Geological Survey – Here is a glossary of water science terms and terminology from the USGS Water Science School.

Enchanted Learning – River terms and terminology explained with extensive definitions and very useful schemas.

Federal Emergency Management Agency – A 57 page downloadable glossary of coastal engineering terms at the click of a button.

Washington State Department of Ecology – A collection of terms with a special focus on coastal terminology, very professional and cross-referenced.

British Columbia – Curious about those endangered wetlands? Take a look at this 7 page downloadable glossary of wetland terminology.

MedWet – Also available in French, Spanish and Italian, a glossary focused on wetland terminology.

Inland Lapidry – Geology, especially rocks and minerals, require specific vocabulary. This glossary of rock and mineral terms is quite encompassing and might be just what you’re looking for.

California Geological Survey – A cross-referenced and professional glossary of rock and mineral terminology from the California Geological Survey. A very reliable source of information on the matter.

The Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom – An exceptionally well researched mineral glossary, with extensive information: images, chemical formulas, 3d simulations and much more for each and every mineral. We definitely love this one!

Enchanted Learning – A dictionary with a special focus on rock and mineral terminology and related terms.

University of Wisconsin – A fantastic illustrated glossary of alpine glacial landforms, very detailed and professional.

Department of Environment and Pirmary Industries – Landforms are a very important part of geography, and this helpful glossary provides definitions of landforms and landform-related terms.

Bright Hub Education – An A to Z glossary of landforms accompanied by definitions and explanations.

Barcelona Field Studies Centre – For anyone with an interest in urban geography, here is a glossary focused on this specific field.

International Association of Geomorphologists – One of the most comprehensive glossaries of geomorphology one can ask for. Plus points: it’s a .pdf and it is searchable. We love it! (Thanks to Andrew Townsend)