23 genetics glossaries

The field of genetics is absolutely fascinating, but the terminology may prove difficult at times. We have tried to make this easier by putting at your disposal these fabulous glossaries. They cover DNA, genetic engineering, birth defects and much more.

Weihenstephan Science Centre – A fantastic resource for those interested in genetics, a glossary of genetic terms, each of them containing words that are cross-referenced, for easier use.

Palomar University – An alphabetically organised glossary of terms on the basic principles of genetics.

Lindsay International – For all those interested, here is a glossary of genetic and DNA related terminology.

Genetic Alliance UK – Definitions of terms connected to genetics can be found in this glossary. Click on the first letter of the word and find your definition.

National Human Genome Research Institute – The talking glossary of genetic terms was created to help everyone understand the terms and concepts used in genetic research. Included are pronunciation of terms and definitions. We love this glossary!

NSW – This glossary is a guide to the more common terms you may encounter when studying or reading texts related to genetics.

Genetics Home Reference – We like this glossary because not only does it include definitions for each listed term, but it also provides synonyms.

University of Kansas – Another glossary centred around genetic terminology, alphabetically organised.

WikiGenetics – A collection of terms with a special focus on genetics from Wikipedia, with some helpful illustrations at hand.

HealthKnowledge – For everyone with an interest in the field of genetics, we’re giving you another glossary of genetics terminology.

National Cancer Institute – Over 150 terms related to genetics defined and explained, right here. This glossary also includes pronunciation, for those trying to figure it out.

deCODEhealth – From ‘absolute risk’ to ‘zygote’, the whole genetics glossary explained and defined.

SA Biosciences – A short list of terms related to genetic sequencing and their definitions.

Oracle – If you’re interested in DNA terminology and terms, then you have found yourself in the right place: a DNA glossary.

ancestry.com – Another glossary with a focus on DNA terminology, a bit shorter than others but with more extensive definitions.

Texas Department of State Health Services – Curious about birth defects, what they’re called and how they manifest? Then we have a birth defects glossary just for you.

Better Medicine – Terms used to explain genetics and birth defects can sometimes be confusing. To help you understand this topic and texts related to it, here is a glossary of terms.

University of Rochester – A glossary with a focus on medical genetics, not that encompassing but might have exactly what you’ve been looking for.

University of Colorado – A simple collection of terms related to behavioural genetics and their definitions.

Genomc Science Program – A genome glossary, with quick links to initial letter of the terms of interest and with a handy list of acronyms and abbreviations.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy – Genetic engineering has its own terms and terminology, and this glossary is dedicated to defining and explaining these terms.

Wikipedia – A comprehensive and encompassing list of genetic disorders, with an additional shorter list of the most common ones.

MedicineNet – Accompanied by helpful explanations and illustrations, this glossary of genetic diseases and conditions offers extensive information on each subject.