65 gardening and landscaping glossaries

Gardening and landscaping – two fascinating areas, but they might give you a bit of a headache with all their terms. That’s why we have decided to give you a hand by compiling this list of glossaries that will help you with those words.


Gardners’ World – A gardening glossary with a very large number of words, each of them explained in an easy-to-understand way.

Thompson & Morgan – This gardening glossary focuses mostly on plants. By clicking on each term you will be redirected to an online store with pictures, which could give you a better understanding of what each plant looks like.

BBC – An online glossary of gardening terminology suitable for beginners.

Emily Compost – This glossary of gardening-related terms covers a wide range of gardening sub-categories, from plants to techniques and soils.

The Garden Helper – This gardening glossary covers mostly the basic terms in the field, but the number of words presented here is quite large.

Sparking People – A gardening glossary covering the most commonly encountered terms.

Dummies – Although the number of words included in this gardening glossary is not very large, the explanations given are very simple.

Lowe’s – Another gardening glossary covering a fairly large number of words. You can check this one out if you haven’t found your term in the previously-mentioned glossaries or if you are looking for additional explanations for certain terms.

USA Gardner – A very good gardening glossary, especially if you are looking for more ‘technical’ terms related to this field.

Martha Stewart – A great, great Internet resource on gardening. Although the number of words here is not large (41, to me more precise), the explanations given are excellent: complete easy-to-understand and to the point. Furthermore, suggestive pictures and cross-reference links are provided.

Bayer Garden – A glossary of gardening terms in which the terms are explained in a professional way, but they are easy to understand.

Sow and So – An illustrated glossary of gardening terminology focusing mostly on rather unusual words. For each letter of the alphabet you will find one term and an image related to it.

Seasonal Gardening – A general gardening glossary covering a lot of words, some of them not mentioned in other glossaries.

Garden Terms – A rich glossary of gardening-related terminology, with cross-reference links provided when necessary.

Green Education Foundation – This glossary covers the most popular terms in bio gardening.

University of Maryland – A glossary centred on vegetable gardening: large number of words and good, easy-to-understand explanations.

GreenWeb – This glossary of gardening terminology promises a comprehensive list containing both common and uncommon terms.

Realtor – A gardening glossary focusing mostly on flowers.

D.T.Brown – This is a list of abbreviations commonly encountered in gardening.

Bonnie Plants – A great gardening terminology resource if you are looking for rather basic terms. The explanations given are not very short, but they will give you a better understanding of the terms. Also, cross-reference links are provided for those looking for additional information (sub-categories of a certain term, for example).

Suttons Seeds – Not a long list of gardening terms, but a very short one, focusing on the very basics.

Kirman Design – If you are looking for an additional explanation of a term, then this will be a good resource for you.

Fiskars – The explanations given in this gardening glossary vary from very short to rather extensive, but they are all easy to understand. From time to time, exemplifying pictures are provided as well.

Gardening123 – A gardening glossary featuring a lot of terms and brief but comprehensive explanations.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania – In addition to a fairly large number of words, this gardening glossary has a great advantage: it is a PDF and it can be saved and used even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Canadian Wildlife Federation – A very nice gardening glossary with brief explanations and exemplifying illustrations for almost every word in the list.

University of Victoria – Definitely not a very large glossary, but a very useful one if you are looking for terms related to Victorian gardening and its conventions.

Dave’s Garden – This webpage has brought together three glossaries that are extremely useful for any gardener: one focusing on botany terms, one focusing on insects and one focusing on gardening. Thousands of words are listed in these glossaries and their pronunciation is also provided.

Renee’s Garden – A PDF glossary centred on seed gardening. The number of words is not very large, but the explanations are complete and fairly easy to understand.

Horizen Hydroponics – This glossary of gardening terms is focused mostly on the ‘technicalities’ of the gardening activity.

Woolly Green – This glossary contains terms that are rather commonly encountered in gardening.

Garden Resources – This website has put together a list of the most common tools and equipment used in gardening.

How To Garden Advice – A glossary aimed mostly at beginner gardeners.

Organic Gardener – This glossary is split into two main sub-categories: general gardening and natural pests and diseases.

Plant Advice – A glossary with a rather short number of words, mostly covering the basics of gardening. Good for when you are quickly looking up a common term related to this field.

Gardening with Confidence – This garden glossary contains a list of basic terms which cover a wide range of sub-categories: from insects to famous names of the gardening field.

Johnny’s Selected – A webpage that has brought together a brief list of organic gardening terms.

Gardenology – A lot of gardening terms, sometimes even those that are on the ‘very scientific’ edge.

Yahoo Voices – A list of some of the most popular gardening terms.

University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources – This glossary covers both the basic gardening terms and the more advanced ones.

Gardening Zone – Some of the terms encountered here may not have been listed down in other glossaries, so if you haven’t found your term yet, this website is worth taking a look at.

University of Illinois Extension – This is a glossary of vegetable gardening terms with very brief definitions.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – A lot of words and phrases related to gardening and for each of these the explanation is fairly easy to understand. The glossary also contains terms that are related to special shapes used in gardening.

Australian Orchid Genera – A relatively comprehensive glossary on orchids. The explanations are short but to the point and are very useful. Some come accompanied by pictures, which is an added bonus. Thanks to Nikki Graham (@nikki_graham) for the suggestion.


Sacchitelli Landscape Concepts – A glossary containing terms generally related to landscaping. You can find here a large number of words and their definitions will be very, very easy to understand.

Superior Lawn and Landscape – This glossary of landscaping terms covers mostly the basics, but it can be useful nevertheless.

About – About.com has put up a list of terms connected to landscape design. Each of them is clearly and completely defined and explained, which will make you understand them a little deeper.

Home Advisor – Although this is a glossary of basic landscaping terminology as well, the words listed here are different from other glossaries of the same kind.

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series – This glossary of landscape terms focuses mostly on the business aspects of this field, but general landscaping terminology is included as well.

Landscape Planet – A short glossary containing landscaping-related terms such as types of soils, plants garden setting, and so on.

Nature’s Way – A general landscaping glossary that may be useful if you are looking for a rather common term.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping – This particular landscaping glossary focuses mostly on techniques, pest management and watering.

Landscape Design Advisor – This glossary appears to cover almost every aspect of landscaping: from architecture to plants, from the legal/organizational part of the job to the more artistic part of it.

Florida’s Water – This glossary mostly contains those landscaping terms that are related to the natural part of the field: soil, climate, plants etc.

Irrigation Tutorials – A glossary centring specifically on landscape irrigation terminology.

Katsura Landscaping – A glossary that contains some of the most encountered terms in the horticultural part of the field of landscaping.

Ask Green Irene – This webpage brings a landscaping and a xeriscaping glossary together. You can expect to find here a very large number of terms, as well as clear and concise definitions.

Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association – Although it lists terms that are mostly related to gardening, there are also landscaping-related terms included in the list.

Turf Mix – Again, a glossary focusing more on the gardening/natural part of the landscaping field.

Scottish Natural Heritage – This website has put together a short list of terms strictly connected to landscaping as an activity in itself (therefore you will not find here gardening or architecture terminology).

Backyard Agora – A page that brings together swimming pool, hot tub and landscaping terminology.

Dream Yard – This glossary contains both terms related to plants/gardening and terms related strictly to the decorations part of landscaping (which also seems to be the main focus of the glossary).

Haluch’s Landscaping Products – A short, but useful glossary if you are searching for terminology related to stones and sand used in landscaping.

Southern Landscapes 1 – An illustrated glossary of landscaping plants, arranged according to their height, as well as according to their names (in alphabetic order).

Southern Landscapes 2 – This illustrated glossary looks very similar to the previously-mentioned one, but it is focused on trees. In addition to the alphabetic listing of the words, they are also arranged according to three main categories: ornamental trees, palm trees and shade trees.