48 games glossaries

Children, teenagers, adults – we all love a good game, be it video, card or board. But when it comes to their specific jargon, you may need a hand and this is exactly what we are doing with these glossaries. Conveniently split into categories and with short descriptions to accompany them, you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Video games

Fact Monster – Trying to figure out video game terms? This glossary provides to the point explanations of such terms, some with examples.

What Games Are – If you find game language confusing, here you can find fun and comprehensive explanations to common and not-so-common game lingo and terms.

Wiktionary – It’s impressive how many fighting games are out there. This glossary treats fighting game terminology, terms and their definitions.

Critical Gaming Network – Over 450 entries on video game design terms. Also downloadable for convenient use offline.

Open Content – Gaming has its own language, which can be hard to understand. This glossary contains gaming terms and also acronyms to help you fight your way through translations and conversations.

Sloperama – Need to understand the business of gaming? Then this glossary of game biz terms provides fun and easy explanations of most terms used in the business.

About – A short but very useful jargon buster glossary of internet games.

Alan Emrich – Game design is primarily an act of communication, but the language of making games can sometimes give you a headache. Consult this dictionary for a better understanding of these terms.

iPlay Winner – Fighting games terminology explained: a glossary structured on categories, from general terms to slang.

Pulsipher Games – A 24 page glossary for game designers, this downloadable document has many entries that apply to game design.

Wikipedia – On this glossary, you can browse through a list of video-game specific terminology, which offers complete and cross-referenced explanations, as we’ve got used to from Wikipedia.

Vide Game Critic – A great resource for video game critics, this glossary provides definitions of terms useful when translating such articles.

Computer Hope – If you are looking for definitions of particular video game related terms, especially shorthand and abbreviations, then this is the place to be.

Card games

Wikipedia – Wikipedia provides a well cross-referenced glossary of most common card game terms. Basic terms are well and concisely treated here.

Bicycle Cards – A glossary on card game terms and terminology, each of them with reference to the game they are related to.

Wikipedia – Here you can find articles about specialised phrases and terms connected with card games. 34 well referenced and explained Wikipedia pages are in this glossary.

How Stuff Works – A few terms often used in card games, from the most commonly used to the more obscure.

Family Games Treasurehouse – A beginner in card games? Many card games use terms which may be confusing for beginners. Use this comprehensive card game glossary if you need further explanation.

Dominion Strategy – The card game Dominion has its own language. Here you can find some of the terms most commonly used in the Dominion community.

Wikipedia – This is a collection of terms with a special focus on the popular game of Solitaire.

Cardschat – This poker glossary will give you definitions of a list of terms, abbreviations and acronyms that are commonly used in poker and some in online poker.

Wikipedia – Poker also has its own language and lingo. This glossary is a supplement to the Glossary of card game terms, also provided by Wikipedia.

Poker Terms – We like this glossary because it’s one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date poker dictionary on the internet, with over 1,000 terms and in-depth explanations.

Poker News – As the name suggests, also a dictionary of poker terms, phrases and expressions commonly used in this game.

My Patience – When it comes to solitaire terminology, this is one of the most useful glossaries you can find online, with concise definitions of the commonly used terms.

Pagat – If you are at loss when it comes to Pinochle terms, then this glossary will provide a helpful hand in translating and understanding such terminology.

Sport Bet – One of the most popular card games, Blackjack, has its own lingo. This glossary aims to provide experienced and inexperienced players with a well written and comprehensive reference to the ins and outs of Blackjack terms.

Pokeriot – A glossary compiling terms related to online games (poker, backgammon, roulette, bingo etc.).

PokkerCards – Yet another glossary of the most commonly terms used in the game of poker.

The Bridge World – Another glossary dedicated to card games, this time the popular bridge. The terminology you will find here includes both technical terms as well as slang. It also provides additional explanations for those who want to have a better understanding of this game.

Cards Chat – A glossary of poker-related terms, abbreviations and acronyms, including some specifically used for the online version of this game.

Backgammon Galore – Backgammon can be a very ‘sporty’ activity and its language may be difficult for someone who is not very familiar with this game. If you are searching for terms connected to this particular sport, you can find them here.

Board games

Rummy Games – You may have guessed from the name that this website focuses on Rummy terminology, especially on the lingo specific to the Panguingue variation.

Online Rummy – Another rummy glossary which provides players with explanations to various terms often used in land based and online rummy rooms, which can increase the experience of the game.

Wikipedia – A complete and comprehensive glossary of terminology often used in the game of darts.

Checkers history – As suggested by the name, this constitutes a glossary of checkers terms. If you wish to understand the game of checkers, then first you must know the lingo.

Hasbro – If you want to sound like a scrabble pro, then this glossary of terms will help you get there.

Ark angles – Chess can be a complicated game, with an even more complicated lingo. Browse through chess-related terms in this comprehensive glossary.

The Internet Pinball Database – Have you ever been curious about Pinball machine terms? Then this is the place for you. Extensive explanations accompanied by photos will help you understand this game better.

Wiktionary – The terms provided by this Wikipedia-compiled glossary are used to describe the very popular game of backgammon.

Domino Games – The title says it all: this dictionary treats the many terms that have been used and appeared as this game progressed over time.

Bingowin – For those who are new to the game of Bingo, or even the more experienced players, this collection contains the most used bingo terms.

Mahjong sets – A collection of terms which centres on Mah Jong games. There are different terms and words used when playing this game, and this glossary lends a helpful hand in understanding them.

Hove & Kingsway Bowling Club – For everyone with an interest in bowling, a glossary of terms often used when playing such a game.

IPDB ( Internet Pinball Machine Database) – A glossary of pinball terms and definitions.

Rummy Talk – This online glossary offers a collection of definitions for words related to the game of gin rummy.

Backgammon Galore! – With more than 700 terms, this glossary contains definitions of words related to the popular game of backgammon.

Gammoned.com – This backgammon glossary is definitely one of the most complete that you can find online. Not only does it provide definitions for every backgammon-related word you may have heard, but is also shows you how to use it in a sentence. Moreover, all the words are cross-referenced to help you understand every term quickly.