22 gambling glossaries

Beeswax, clocker, 4oak… Yes, that is still English. As you can see, gambling and betting terms can be difficult. But you’ll have no problem understanding them with the help of these glossaries. They cover both US and UK terms, acronyms and abbreviations, even casino surveillance terms. Read the descriptions to see which of them is likely to give you the definition of the term you are looking for.

Paulaura – A betting glossary of terms to help you understand the specific jargon, both for American and British English.

Wikipedia – If you are translating a text on betting in the UK (and especially types of bets), or if this field interests you, this is a good glossary to use.

Pinnacle Sports – A sports betting glossary of terms used by gamblers. The definitions are simple and easy to understand.

Don Best – The language of sports gambling need no longer be foreign with the help of this glossary. Quite a comprehensive list put together by Don Best.

Problem Gambling – This website brings you not one, but several glossaries, each dedicated to a different area of gambling (from Bingo and Blackjack terms to general casino definitions).

Jackpot – If you are looking for the most popular terms used in casino and gambling, this is the place for you.

Top Choice Casinos – Also a glossary of casino and gambling terms, but more comprehensive and with cross-references where necessary.

MLB Baseball Free Picks – Betting in general has its own jargon, and so does baseball betting, which is what this glossary is dedicated to.

Gamerisms – Apart from a general casino terms, this website has also compiled a few more glossaries dedicated to various games (Craps, Roulette, Poker etc.)

Bonus Casino Bucks – Another glossary aiming to help with gambling lingo. Some of the terms listed here are not found in the previous glossaries.

World Casino Directory – This glossary is one focusing on slot machine related terminology and jargon. You’ll definitely find it useful if your text is about this field.

Gambling Dictionary – A very comprehensive list of terms listed alphabetically and with short and easy to understand definitions.

Slot Machines – As the name suggests, this is a website dedicated to slot machines and has put together a glossary of terms related to this field. What is different from the previous one is that the definitions are very complex, so they really help you understand each term. Examples are also included where possible.

NetBet – Slot machine glossary which includes terms you may not have found in other similar glossaries.

Cards expert – Although the name may suggest a glossary dedicated exclusively to card games, it is not the case. It provides a comprehensive alphabetical list of terms used in gambling and cheating. You can scroll or use the search function to find the word you were looking for.

The Good Gambling Guide – This glossary can be used by anyone who is either translating a text on poker or would like to find out more about this popular game and the lingo associated with it.

Black Jack Forum Online – Surveillance agents working in the casino have their own lingo and this is what this glossary focuses on.

Casino Surveillance News – 2-in-1, that’s how we’d describe this glossary, as it provides definitions for words used both in gambling and casino surveillance.

il dado – A roulette glossary of associated vocabulary. Quite a few French terms commonly used as well and their English equivalents. Not the best layout, but a valuable resource.

Dewtronics – Although last updated in 1999, this is a fairly comprehensive list of terms used in roulette. We have decided to include it here as there are terms not defined elsewhere.

Kasino King – If you are at a loss when it comes to casino terminology, acronyms and abbreviations, this glossary will come in handy.

BJ21 – You would have guessed from the name that this website focuses on the Blackjack game. This particular glossary is dedicated to acronyms used in this popular card game. Excellent resource!