27 furniture and appliances glossaries

A collection of glossaries focusing on furniture (antique and new, parts, styles, design) and appliances. All there is to know about these two topics in one place. Choosing the glossary you need is easy: read the short descriptions.

Crosskey Antiques – A glossary of antique furniture, most terms are accompanied by drawings for representation.

HGTV – Six easy categories, lots of pictures for each. Browse this fantastic furniture glossary. We certainly love it.

Furniture Care Tips – A compilation of related terms and acronyms that will help you better understand furniture styles, design and construction.

Buffalo Architecture and History – A fantastic resource! Lots of pictures, lots of details and lots of cross-reference. We love it!

Stanley Furniture – A simple but handy glossary of furniture terms. Give it a go!

Merriam-Webster – Another amazing resource, one of the best online. A very detailed visual glossary, accompanied by guides to pronunciation and schemas, from Merriam-Webster.

J.K. Redding – Don’t know your adze from your old burl? This glossary will help you better understand the meaning of common terms used in woodworking and furniture.

CHauser Logistics Group – A glossary of terms related to office furniture. Short, but specialised.

Quality for Less – Confused by some of the terms used in the furniture world? Here is a glossary of furniture terminology to help you with that.

New England Institute of Restoration and Cleaning – An alphabetically organised glossary of furniture terms to help you understand the furniture salesman.

Conected Lines – A guide to furniture styles, accompanied by lots of details for each one and a fun app to check your knowledge.

English Classics – A glossary with a special focus on English antique furniture.

Choice Cabinet – Kitchen cabinets have their own terminology and need their own glossary. Here it is!

About – Trying to translate from English to German or the other way around? This glossary is specialised on house furniture and terminology, from English to German.

The Simple Bedroom Furniture Store – All the different bed types, styles and headboards in this useful bedroom furniture glossary, organised by the previously mentioned categories.

Gov UK – Wood and woodworking terms defined and exemplified by drawings and schemas in 18 downloadable pages.

Jenn-Air – A glossary of appliance-related terminology and some Jenn-Air specific terminology as well.

Whirlpool – Refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers and laundry appliances terminology in a handy glossary from Whirlpool.

About – Extensive explanations and definitions exemplified by pictures in this fantastic resource on housewares and appliances.

LG – You can browse this glossary of consumer electronics and appliances alphabetically or by category (home appliances, cell phones, air conditioners, etc.)

Hisense – Three handy categories, each with their own glossary of terms: televisions, refrigerators and air conditioners.

Ebay – Kitchen essentials terms and terminology, from large appliances to small gadgets.

Merriam-Webster – An excellent resource from Merriam-Webster, as we’ve gotten used to by now: pronunciation guidelines, helpful pictures and schemas.

Panasonic – Appliance-related terminology in this alphabetically-organised glossary from Panasonic.

National Kitchen and Bath Association – A list of terms you’re probably going to come across if you plan to remodel your kitchen or bath. Or if you are translating a text on this topic.

The Circuit Detective – Definitions of household electrical terms. A short, but handy list of things you come across in your flat but don’t know what they do.

GE Lighting – Want to learn more about proper lighting? Here is a great resource for those interested: a lighting glossary.