64 fitness and sports glossaries

From general sport and fitness terms to terminology specific to various sports and games (football, tennis, cricket and a lot more), one of these glossaries will definitely be the one you were looking for. The descriptions will give you an idea about what you will find in each glossary.

About 1 – About.com has put together a list of terms quite commonly encountered in the fitness world. The explanations given are definitely comprehensive and cross-reference links are provided for a better understanding.

About 2 – In this glossary, About.com has brought together some of the most important tennis racquet terms.

Adventure Network – This website has put together not one glossary but five of them, each related to different areas of fitness and exercise: a fitness glossary, a glossary of the muscle groups, a glossary focused on jargon at the gym, a heart rate monitor glossary and a short glossary of the most encountered fitness equipment in the gym.

Adventure Sports Online – Adventurous much? Snowboarding may be one of the most extreme sports out there, and its language can sometimes be as extreme as the sport itself. However, this glossary will make it easy to understand some of the most basic terms encountered in this sport.

Angel Fire – Chess is a sport of the mind and its special terminology is explained in this extensive glossary.

Bangkok Fitness – Most of the words listed in this fitness glossary may have appeared in other glossaries as well. However, some of those in this glossary may be new and for some of them pictures are provided, which is extremely useful when you want to gain a quick understanding of a term.

Because Fitness – A general fitness glossary with explanations that have cross-reference links that will help you understand terms better.

Body and Soul – A great glossary featuring fitness and sports-related activities. Pictures and easy-to-understand explanations are provided.

Body Building – This page contains three glossaries, all connected in one way or another to the field of body building: body building jargon, nutrition and miscellaneous body building terminology (including abbreviations).

Chris Ranes – A fitness glossary that contains both terms related strictly to fitness and exercise and adjacent medicine terms.

Core Performance – This glossary contains some of the most important fitness terms out there and the explanations are both short and long, according to the term’s difficulty.

Dave Draper – A glossary focusing exclusively on weight training language.

David Albeck – On this particular website, you will find a glossary of the most important hiking-related terms.

Ducksters – A glossary of tennis terminology where the words are explained in a very easy to understand way (especially since the entire website appears to target children mostly).

Dummies – This website has put together a list of some of the most popular words used in the fitness industry. The explanations given are very, very easy to understand even by people who do not have much to do with fitness.

Ebay – Although this glossary may have originally been targeted at buyers of fitness equipment, books and videos, it can be useful for someone searching for a fitness-related term as well.

Exploratorium – This skateboarding glossary is split into 4 sub-categories: anatomy of the skateboard, physics, types of skateboarding and skateboarding tricks.

First Base Sports – This website has put together four glossaries based on four sports: ice hockey, football, soccer and basketball.

Fit Prof (Fitness Professor Review) – This is probably one of the briefest and most basic glossaries of fitness terminology you will find on the Internet.

Fit Stream – This fitness glossary is comprised of a wide variety of terms: from commonly encountered fitness terminology to jargon expressions.

Fitness 4 Her – A general fitness glossary that is mainly targeted at women and that contains the most important words that could be encountered in this area.

FRank Moran Fitness – This health and fitness glossary contains both words that are fairly common and words that may not be so well-known (mostly related to purely medical terminology).

Free Bookie Bets – Sports betting terminology is the main focus of this online glossary.

Fuzi Logik – Sports lingo can be difficult even when it is not of Asian origin, but when it comes to martial arts, it can become quite confusing. This particular glossary lists down the most important terms encountered in taekwondo.

Game On Sports Camp and Girls – Six glossaries gathered on one webpage: tennis, field hockey, basketball, lacrosse and volleyball.

Go Moji – This fitness glossary contains a fairly large number of terms and it covers words that are both strictly related to exercise and terms related to nutrition.

Golf Europe – A glossary in which you will find almost all the words you should know if you are translating something related to golf.

iSport – Again, this glossary covers general fitness terminology, so you may have encountered some of the terms presented here in other glossaries as well. However, it may be a useful resource for further information or if you are looking for a term you haven’t found yet.

Job Monkey – A great resource if you are searching for terms connected to ski.

Lifetime Fitness Routines – You may find this glossary useful if you are looking for alternative definitions of some terms or if you are searching for a term that was not listed in the previously mentioned glossaries.

Maison de la France – This site has put together a glossary of fitness treatments (from water treatments to wraps and massages). In addition to the brief, easy-to-understand definitions, this glossary will also provide you with the French translation of the terms. Furthermore, it comes as a PDF file, which means you can save it on your computer as well.

Men’s Fitness – An exercise glossary containing terms people who do not work out a lot may not know.

Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (Canada) – A general sports glossary containing terms from a wide variety of adjacent fields (including health, nutrition and fitness).

Moldea – A glossary focusing on the most important terms encountered in sports betting.

Netfit – A health and fitness glossary with a large number of terms that are commonly encountered in the industry.

Outdoor Places – Not a very rich glossary, indeed, but a very useful one if you are searching for terms related to canoe.

Pro Source – A fitness glossary that contains a lot of terms, some of which are related to fitness supplements (such as steroids, for instance).

Rubberbanditz – This glossary may not contain a lot of terms, but it can be extremely useful. The words are grouped in various categories, such as: accessories, compound exercises grips, posts or training types. Furthermore, where understanding the verbal explanation may be more difficult, pictures are provided.

Sarah McCaffrey – A glossary that brings together exercise, anatomy and physiology to create a useful source of information for those interested in fitness activities.

School Improvement in Maryland – This glossary is meant to give more information to those interested in the terminology related to school curriculum exercise.

Serious Poker – Poker is, in one way or another, a sport. Thus, it deserves its own special glossary of terms and you will find that here.

Shape Spot – This is a health and fitness glossary that contains a lot of words, so if you were looking for something and did not find it in the previous glossaries, learn that there is quite a good chance that you will find it here

Shape Up America – This webpage covers the basic vocabulary anyone starting to work out should know.

Skate FAQ – An inline skating glossary that contains the very basic words encountered in this sport.

Spark People – This glossary contains some of the most basic terms related to fitness and exercise.

Sport Spectator – This website has gathered no less than 13 sports glossaries, focusing on various sports, from baseball and golf to water polo and wrestling.


Sports Definitions – Again, a page that has put together 13 sports glossaries which cover a wide range, from betting to cricket and surfing.

Sports Lingo – This website is entirely dedicated to the special language of the following sports: baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, golf, soccer and tennis.

Steady Strength – A fitness glossary containing both new words and old words of the industry.

The Fit Connection – Basic fitness-related words, brief explanations – this is what you will find in this glossary.

The University of Notre Dame – We liked this glossary because it contains slang expressions commonly used in colloquial American English. Furthermore, it comes as a PDF file (and you can save it and check it out offline as well).

The Washington Post – This website has gathered a list of badminton terms, clearly explained, that will definitely come in handy.

The World – Mountain biking has its own language and you will find here terms related to this particular sport on this website.

Train Online – Each of the terms in this general fitness glossary is explained thoroughly (the explanations are more similar to articles than to mere definitions).

Wikipedia – A glossary containing some of the most important terms encountered in badminton.

Yahoo – The most important terms connected to fitness are found in this glossary. The explanations are comprehensive, yet easy to understand.

Your Online Fitness – A list of the most commonly encountered terms in fitness, nutrition, dieting and other adjacent fields.

Exploratorium – An online glossary of skateboarding technology.

Hickok Sports – Looking for sports vocabulary? Here you can find definitions for words used in different sports (from Archery to Wrestling).

First Base Sports – On this page you will find links to four glossaries of terms from four different sports: ice hockey, football, basketball and soccer

Job Monkey – A collection of terms related to ski and ski resorts – a very popular sport.

Kingdom Yachts Sailing Club – This website has put together a glossary of sailing terminology.

Skate FAQs – If you want to find out the meaning of a word related to the field of inline skating, this is the place for you.

Washington Post – From ‘alley’ to ‘wood shot’ and everything in between – a glossary of badminton terms to help you with your sports-related translation.