45 finance/economy glossaries

War babies? Zombies? No, it’s not about what you may think, but, as hard as it may be to believe, these are financial terms. Their meanings are explained in the glossaries below. So, if you are puzzled by the lingo used in accounting, finance and economy fields, one of these glossaries will come to the rescue. To see which one, read the descriptions accompanying each glossary.

Duke University – One of the largest financial glossaries on the internet (over 8000 terms and 18000 links). The best attribute of this glossary is the hypertext in each definition which provides internal links to other terms in the dictionary.

Investopedia – A dictionary of financial and economic terms which contains a classical definition, but also an alternate, more accessible and extended definition.

Yahoo! Finance 1 – A glossary which includes abbreviations used in the financial and economic environment.

Yahoo! Finance 2 – This glossary includes extended definitions and explanations of its terms.

Reuters – A fully cross-referenced financial glossary which also contains links to external websites, for additional information.

Define Finance – In addition to the classic definition, this dictionary offers information about related terms, relevant functional areas related job titles and synonyms for each term.

Wikipedia – A glossary of financial terminology, with extended explanations, examples and other relevant data, cross-referenced.

Nonprofit Finance Fund – Also a glossary related to finance and economy, with simple and easy definitions.

Financial Times Lexicon – This glossary of financial terms includes, along each definition, related terms and links to articles and analysis.

Air Business Academy – Definitions of accounting and financing terms commonly used in aviation finance.

Finance Glossary – A glossary of financial terms, with definitions which are cross-referenced to other related terms.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston – A glossary of updated financial crisis terms.

The Global Development Research Center – Definitions of terms from the microcredit and microfinance areas.

PlaNet Finance – A microfinance glossary, with its terms also translated into Chinese.

Texas Woman’s University – A glossary of accounting, finance and economic terms, organised into those categories.

Money Glossary – A large glossary of financial and business terms. Many terms in the definitions are linked to their own explanation in the same glossary.

Fiscal Agents – This dictionary which is sectioned in specialized glossaries, from real estate to abbreviations and acronyms.

Oasis Management – A very comprehensive financial glossary provided by Barkley International Inc.

London South East – Looking for simple explanations to financial terms? You can find them here. Short and to the point.

Wikipedia – If you’re having trouble with business and finance abbreviations, Wikipedia offers a long list of such terms, some of them with extended explanations.

ProZ – A short glossary of financial acronyms.

All Acronyms – As the name suggests: 3,100 finance acronyms and abbreviations in one comprehensive glossary.

Investors – Also a glossary of acronyms, provided by Investor’s Business Daily.

World Resources Institute – If you want to know more about financing instruments and their mechanisms, this glossary provides extended explanations and schematics for your understanding. Highly recommended!

The Economics Classroom – New to the economic area? Then this dictionary will be very helpful – it contains most of the key terms from an Economics course.

Econed Link – A glossary compiled especially for K-12 students and their teachers. From kindergarten to the 12th grade – this is the dictionary for you!

University of Michigan – This glossary contains terms often used in international economics.

About – Are you unsure of the meaning of an economic term? This glossary provides dictionary-style definitions, along with suggested books, articles and further resources for research.

EconGuru – A simple economic glossary. Here you can further your understanding of economic terms and their definitions.

Economics for Everyone – As suggested by the title, the document provides non-technical descriptions of economic terms and concepts, with available cross-references.

W.W. Norton & Company – A simple and to the point collection of economic terms often used in student classrooms.

Annenberg Learner – Similar to the previous link, this dictionary provides useful definitions of terms for better understanding of the curriculum, but from a teacher’s point of view.

Acleris – Having trouble with engineering economy terms? This glossary focuses on these and more, with simple and concise definitions.

OECD – 90 pages of terms you need explained about industrial organisation economics and competition law.

Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences – If you’re looking for help with a beginners’ course on economics, then this glossary which focuses on basic economics terms will definitely lend a hand.

Text Translator – Succinct explanations of almost 3,000 most frequently found economic terms. If you are studying economics, reading a paper or translating economy-related texts, this downloadable glossary will provide much needed help.

Mortgage Calculator – If you are at loss when it comes to mortgage terminology, then this glossary is the one you’re looking for.

Bank of America – When it comes to home loan and lending terminology, this online dictionary provides concise and useful definitions of such terms.

Wells Fargo – Mortgage and home equity terms giving you a headache? This glossary contains most of the terms you need explaining.

People First – Federal Credit Union – A downloadable 10 page glossary of mortgage terms, with short and to the point definitions.

eloan – This is one of the best sources of information centred on loan terminology which can be found online!

Discover – If you need another source of definitions of mortgage terms, you can find it here.

MortgageLoan – Over 2,200 financial terms explained in this comprehensive online glossary.

Loan Market Association – 15 pages which contain syndicated loan terms, with concise explanations. You can take it offline if you need!

Loan on time – A glossary of loan terminology, organised in a downloadable 23 page document.