30 fashion and clothing glossaries

Clothing and fashion have their own lingo. To help you understand the specific terminology, especially if you are translating a text on this subject, we have selected a number of glossaries to assist you.

All Words – This glossary offers detailed explanations for terms related to clothing.

Arcor – On this site you can find a glossary containing the most important terminology connected to Indian traditional clothing.

Aux Mailles Godefroy – This is a short but well researched glossary of clothing terminology.

Bizchick Blogs – Here you can find a glossary containing terminology related to fashion styles, cuts and fits.

Colonial Williamsburg 1 – This is a website page that lists the most important colonial-era women’s fashion terms and gives a brief explanation for each of them.

Colonial Williamsburg 2 – This page contains a list of terms related to colonial era men’s fashion items.

Colonial Williamsburg 3 – A glossary of the most important words connected to the children fashion in the colonial era.

Company A – This glossary explains some of the most important apparel terminology used in the garment industry.

Confessions of an assistant buyer – This page has put together a very short glossary of fashion-related terms.

Divine – You can find a very carefully put together glossary of fashion terms (including styles, embellishments, textures and prints).

eBay – This glossary was created as an easy-to-understand guide for fashion terminology.

Go Vintage – This webpage has come up with a dictionary focused around fashion terminology.

Independent Fashion Bloggers – On this website you will be able to find a glossary of the most important fashion journalism/blogging terms.

Marc Carlson – This is a website that has put together a list of medieval clothing-related terms and their very well-researched definitions.

Mod Cloth – A glossary that contains fashion-related terms (including definitions and history for some of the words).

New York Dress – A list of fashion-related terms and their comprehensive explanations.

Organic Clothing – A clothing, fashion and fibre glossary that gives extensive explanations for each of the terms.

Overstock – The purpose of this glossary is to explain the most important terms related to women’s clothing.

Paul Fredrick – This website offers a glossary focusing on men’s fashion, offering explanations for less common terms.

Premier Clothing – A glossary of fashion-related terminology, with easy-to-understand definitions for each term.

Renfaire – This is a short and useful glossary of the most important Renaissance clothing-related terms.

Romance Reader at Heart – A Medieval fashion glossary that offers brief explanations for each of the presented terms.

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman – Interested in medieval fashion? You can find here a fashion-related glossary focusing on costuming items and accessories terminology.

The Budget Fashionista – This glossary contains some of the most important terms related to clothing items and their definitions. The photos included for each item listed make the terms easier to understand and search.

The Visual Dictionary – In this dictionary you can search for clothing-related terms according to their photos. Each photo leads to a number of terms related to it (for example, a photo of a dress will lead to a page where the most important types of dresses are defined).

Wikipedia – This page offers more information on clothing-related terms (including types of garments, names, styles, fabrics and manufacturing).

Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) – In this fashion-related glossary you will be able to find some of the most commonly encountered terms and their comprehensive explanations.

Youlookfab – This is a short list of fashion-related terms, but the explanations given are very easy to understand.

Zalando – This glossary contains terms related to shoes and fashion, as well as links to photos that portray a certain term.

Zalora – In this glossary you can find a very large number of terms related to fashion, as well as their comprehensive definitions.