16 fabrics, fibres and textiles glossaries

A few glossaries on fabrics, fibres and textiles to help you with terminology in this area. The descriptions will help you decide if the term you are looking for is in the respective glossary.

Bally Ribbon – This website has put together a list of terms related to selected fibre and textiles (including manufacturing terminology).

Bizchick Blogs – This list brings together a series of fashion fabric-related terms and their definitions.

Creative Skillset – A technical textiles glossary that offers easy-to-understand explanations for each term.

Fashion Trendsetter – This glossary contains a wide variety of terms related to the fashion industry, focusing especially on terms connected to textiles and manufacturing.

Fibre 2 Fashion – A glossary centred on fashion fabrics and their definitions.

Hainsworth – A glossary containing textile terminology, with a brief explanation for each of the terms.

NY Fashion Center – This page lists a large number of terms connected to fabrics (including silk fabrics, wool fabrics and even some designer fabrics).

Talk Textiles – An online textile glossary offering a wide range of terms connected to textile construction, fabrics, fibres, patterns and yarns.

Ted Baker – On this website you can find a short comprehensive fabrics and fashion glossary.

Textiles Intelligence – This is a very well-researched list of terms related to fabrics (including manufacturing, types of fabrics and their properties).

The Sinclair Consultancy – A long list of textile-related terminology (including terms related to processing, dying and so on). The words are explained briefly and in an easy-to-understand way.

Victor – This webpage contains both a glossary of basic textile-related terms and one of key-terms related to design chemistry.

Weavers – A glossary of textile-related terminology aimed at everyone seeking for more information, with explanations that avoid jargon.

Wikipedia 1 – This is a comprehensive and very well-researched glossary of terms connected to textiles and their manufacturing.

Wikipedia 2 – Another glossary from Wikipedia, this one of textile terminology; as you’d expect from this website, quite a comprehensive list of terms.

Biomedical Structures – A very specialised glossary of common biomedical textile terms.