62 engineering glossaries

A project involving engineering terminology needs appropriate research and resources. This is why we are putting at your disposal the glossaries below. They cover various areas of engineering, as well as acronyms and abbreviations. The descriptions should help you find what you are looking for.

Wikipedia – This glossary of engineering contains definitions about the fundamentals of engineering, sub-disciplines and related fields.

About – Look up engineering definitions and acronyms in this engineering glossary and dictionary! Alphabetically organised and easy to browse.

FLUOR – Want to get in touch with the basics of the engineering lingo? This glossary provides definitions of common industry terms used by engineering companies.

Maxim Integrated – A glossary focused on electrical engineering terms. Find a term alphabetically, browse the whole index of terms or all the terms and definitions here.

Mass Engineers – A very encompassing and large engineering dictionary centred on power plant terminology. Accompanied by a couple of explanatory videos, this is the place to be if you want to know more about this area.

Engineering-Dictionary 1 – Automotive terms can give you a headache, especially when you don’t know what they mean. Take a look at this specialised glossary which also gives you related terms for each expression.

Engineering-Dictionary 2 – Even more daunting than automotive terms are automotive acronyms. This glossary helps with the matter. Highly recommended!

Robotc – An 11 page downloadable glossary on robotics engineering. Very helpful for those trying to translate any of those elusive terms.

Engineering Network – An engineering dictionary for everyone interested. Encompassing and extensive.

Aleck – Fight your way through those structural engineering terms and even find some visual support through the photos on this page.

Control and Instrumentation – Equipped with a search button and even alphabetically organised, this glossary aims to make your life easier by providing information on control and instrumentation terminology.

Just in line – A glossary of terms focused on A+ Materials. Browse through the list alphabetically.

Contractors Unlimited – Engineers and large companies have their own language, especially difficult terms and even more difficult acronyms. Search for the exact terms or browse alphabetically through this handy glossary!

Johns Hopkins University – A glossary with a focus on software engineering, meant to be used with a handy search button at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Wisconsin University – A 23 page glossary of common mechanical engineering terms, equipped with lots of photos and explanations.

Wikispaces – 6 pages of engineering terms and abbreviations. Browse it online or download it, to figure out some of those elusive terms!

E-FAB – Engineering terminology can put in difficulty even the most experienced of us. Browse this 18 page engineering terminology glossary or download it, in case you encounter any unknown expressions.

Testing1212 – From ‘absorption’ to ‘zenith’, a glossary of terms meant for sound engineers.

Tulane University – A classical and handy glossary of engineering terms for anyone with an interest in this domain.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – A tool from Trellebord Sealing Solutions which offers definitions for over 2,000 terms from the world of sealing technology and engineering. It’s also equipped with optimised search!

Food and Agriculture Organization – Trying to translate a paper or article on biotechnology and genetic engineering? Take a look at this specialised glossary from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN!

University of St Andrews – A 26 page downloadable glossary of everything you need to know about software engineering terminology.

Wittenstein – A fully encompassing engineering glossary accompanied by useful drawings and explanations to help you debunk that confusing engineering terminology.

Blaine High School – With a focus on civil engineering and architecture, a glossary for anyone and everyone interested.

Pelican Engineering – Yet another software engineering glossary. A 28 page downloadable resource with an index of terms which may come in handy.

R.S. Pressman & Associates – Still having trouble with software engineering terminology? Here’s an abbreviated software engineering glossary for more information.

Baylor University – A 84 page fully encompassing and technical glossary of software engineering. Officially released by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Energy Facility Contractors Group – Curious about which terms are preferred in software engineering? Take a look at this glossary of preferred software engineering terminology from the United States Department of Energy, compiled in this 18 page list of terms.

Global Association for Software Quality – A glossary with a special focus on terms used in requirements engineering.

International Requirements Engineering Board – A fantastic glossary of requirements engineering terminology, with a download option and translations into different languages, which can prove more than useful. Over 100 pages of terms in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and more. We recommend!

Talal Kamal – Civil engineering has its own terminology. Take a look at this handy dictionary of civil engineering terms which can help you translate papers from this area of expertise.

Rice Consulting – Another glossary on software engineering terms and terminology. Take a look if you need help with such lingo!

Southern Illinois University – Ever wonder about environmental engineering terms and their meaning? Click on a letter or use the search function on your browser to find the word you’re looking for in this glossary.

Environmental Solutions – A specialised glossary on environmental engineering terminology, from Remediation Risk Management Inc.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology – A great resource for those looking to translate a paper on electricity and the environment: a glossary of terms related to electrical engineering and environment.

American Chemistry – Abbreviations and organisation acronyms can be daunting, but this 11 page glossary of selected terms, abbreviations and organisations can be of use.

University of Strathclyde – Interested in modelling and simulation for environmental engineering? Browse this general glossary of terms related to the area.

Ideal Foundations – A short but handy glossary of engineering terms from Ideal Foundations.

The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation – Construction and engineering terminology could be confusing for some, but this categorised glossary could lend a helping hand. Find what you need under river hydrology, concrete or many other subcategories.

Washington Accord – Next on our list, from the International Engineering Alliance, comes a 10 page glossary of engineering terms – short and useful!

Contractor School Online – 7 pages of general engineering terms for those looking to fight their way through a beginners’ engineering course.

Process Impact – This is a collection of terms with a special focus on requirements engineering terminology.

Hancock Joist – Joist and structural glossary. Even the name can be confusing. Take a look inside to demystify some of those terms!

Middle East Economic Engineering Forum – Engineering is such a vast domain that it even needs territorial confinement: a Middle East engineering – structural glossary.

Geotechnical Info – A glossary focused on geotechnical terminology, for those trying to translate an elusive paper from this area.

Higher Intellect – A 24 page list of commonly used geotechnical engineering and engineering geology terms and definitions, divided into 5 categories. Take a look inside to see which ones!

All Acronyms – 985 engineering acronyms and abbreviations for your own personal use, whatever it may be!

Your Dictionary – Having precise vocabulary is key when working with engineering materials or when aiming for exact specifications. This is why engineers use abbreviations and this common abbreviations glossary will help you understand what they are talking about.

Wikipedia – Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols are used to detail the characteristics of engineering drawings. This article from Wikipedia encompasses these engineering drawings and symbols.

Draftsperson – Acronyms and abbreviations can be hard, but this list of acronyms and abbreviations in engineering and their meaning may shed some light on the situation.

The Engineering Toolbox – No idea how to use abbreviations when writing scientific and engineering texts? This list aims to help you better your abbreviations.

MatWeb – A specific part of engineering are engineering materials. This is a list of metal abbreviations and acronyms.

Aleck Associates – A list of common abbreviations found on engineering drawings or in structural engineering, architecture and construction and their meaning.

Poeton – A glossary of terms focused on surface engineering, some of the terms with links to further information other than just the definitions.

Matter – A glossary of materials science, equipped with a search button and an alphabetical listing, each material contains data about their density, electronic configuration and much more.

Chatillon – Still confused about materials engineering? Here is a glossary of materials testing and force measurement terms.

channel 4 learning – Here is another alphabetically listed glossary on engineering terminology to help with those papers you need translating.

Applied Materials – A technical glossary accompanied by drawings for better understanding of the terms defined here.

Harboro – Engineering in rubber: a specialised glossary of terms specifically on this area.

MetalTek – A glossary on metallurgical terminology, some with cross-references to other terms in the dictionary.

Fastenal – Last but not least, another engineering glossary from Fastenal, alphabetically listed and easy to browse.

SteeLog – A dictionary of more than 5,000 terms used in the metals and metalworking industries. You can search for terms alphabetically.