24 education glossaries

Education systems in different countries employ different terminology. If we add all the abbreviations and acronyms, you are likely to come across terms whose meanings you don’t know. To help with that, we have gathered these glossaries which cover various areas related to the field of education.

Wikipedia – A glossary of education terminology, each of the terms having a corresponding Wikipedia page with extensive explanations.

The Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation – A website dedicated to clarifying terms related to the measurement of education, such as achievement tests, scores and much more.

Kelly Jo Rowan – Instructional strategies are varied and complex. Browse this glossary to find out more about them.

LD OnLine – The education field is full of specialised terms, acronyms and abbreviations that may be hard to understand. This website aims to make it a bit easier.

University of Tampere 1 – Education in the United States is different from that worldwide and it has specific terms, which can be browsed and clarified here: glossary of U.S. educational terminology.

University of Tampere 2 – Higher education can be even more complex. Browse this website dedicated to the common data set of U.S. Higher Education terminology.

London Borough of Sutton – Almost 50 pages of information on education terms, aimed at family use: vocabulary and abbreviations used in elementary and secondary public schools.

Virginia Department of Education – A downloadable document of 8 pages with a special focus on general education terms.

Center for Inclusive Child Care – Terms, terminology, acronyms and abbreviations related to special education, accompanied by a friendly and useful search function.

The Center for the Improvement of Student Learning (CISL) – A valuable resource for educators and parents which aims to alleviate confusion when reading or translating documents. This website has multilingual dictionaries, with translations from English to Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) – A selection of 100 key terms related to European education and training policy, in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can even download it for offline use.

GoStudyUK – Confused by any education words and phrases you have come across? Then take a look at this glossary for clarifications. It’s mostly centred around UK education terms.

Oxford University Press – Also specific to the UK, another glossary of educational terms. Not as encompassing as others, but you might just find what you’re looking for.

London Borough of Sutton – A 17 page downloadable document on educational terms, including abbreviations and acronyms.

EdSource – Extensive and comprehensive explanations for each term can be found in this useful glossary from EdSource.

Montessori in Redlands (MIR) – This website aims to clarify some of the most commonly used terms in education, especially for parents and tutors.

Indiana College Network – A short glossary of terms, also focused on educational terminology. Some of the terms have extensive explanations available on click.

The Council for Disability Rights – A parent’s guide to special education and special needs, one of the most reliable sources of information related to special education terminology.

OCR – The most commonly encountered education terms in one page. Download it or browse it online, here.

Florida Department of Education – Just click on the initial letter of the word or phrase you need defined in this glossary dedicated to educational terminology. It also contains frequent acronyms and abbreviations.

Special Education Gateway – When talking about special education, you may come across terms that are confusing. This website aims to debunk those terms and even give you helpful strategies for each one.

All Acronyms – Over 57,000 acronyms and abbreviations related to education, from AllAcronyms.

Illinois State Board of Education – Yet another glossary of acronyms and abbreviations in education. It has a simple and accessible structure, providing the acronym and its meaning.

Round Rock I.S.D. – The education field refers to many of its terms by their abbreviation or acronym. Here are the most frequently encountered ones.