25 ecology and environment glossaries

Whatever the reason for your interest in the fields of ecology and environment, these glossaries are the answer if you are struggling with terminology. Some of them are multilingual, so they are very useful for translators and interpreters working on a project dealing with these issues.

Wikipedia – Curious about ecology topics? Take a look at this well researched and cross-referenced glossary related to the science of ecology.

Terrapsych – It’s impressive how many ecological terms are out there. Take a look at this vast glossary for more information. No search option, but it’s accompanied by photos and schemas.

Biophysics – 10 pages of downloadable information on ecology, ecological terms and terminology.

Berkeley University – Next, from Berkley University, a classical glossary of ecological terms.

Palaeos – Another well-referenced glossary of ecology-related terms and terminology.

University of Arkansas at Monticello – Wildlife ecology has its own language, and this is a handy 5 page glossary of things you need to know.

Natural Resources Defense Council – Environmental terms can be daunting, but this glossary will help you find your way through them.

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services – A glossary for anyone interested in river ecology terms and terminology, a 8 page downloadable document on the matter.

Teachline – 17 pages filled with ecological terms, their meanings and definitions. You have the option of browsing it online or taking it with you offline!

New York State Envirothon – Ever been curious about aquatic ecology? You are in luck with this 5 page glossary!

Agroecology – When it comes to agro-ecology terms, this is probably one of the richest glossaries you can find online.

Environmental Protection Agency USA – Browse through a list of ecological risk assessment terms and terminology, accompanied by some photographs.

ck-12 – Find out what basic terms related to ecology mean in this very handy glossary.

Toolkit – Browse alphabetically through a list of interesting and useful terms related to ecology and restoration.

Dicts 1 – A handy group of bilingual dictionaries on ecology. Translate from and into English, Dutch, Italian, and many more languages.

Dicts 2 – An English dictionary of ecology, also provided by Dicts. Handy and useful.

Dicts 3 – Ever need to associate pictures to ecology terms? Then this is the place for you. A picture dictionary of ecology terms.

Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) – A glossary of ecology and environmental-related terms. Short but useful.

Wikipedia – Environmental science has its own language. To find out more, browse this well-referenced and cross-referenced glossary of environmental science from Wikipedia.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) – A very well researched glossary on environmental terminology, with related data, publications, maps and graphs, datasets, indicators and multimedia for each term, from the European Environmental Agency.

Center for Environmental Health, NY – A collection of terms with a special focus on environmental health terms and terminology.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) – Yet another glossary of environmental terms. No search option, but you can browse alphabetically through all the terms.

RICE University – Another glossary centred around ecology and environment terms and terminology.

NNFCC – The key word of this glossary is “bio” – if you need to research terms related to bioenergy, biofuels, biorefining and other biobased products, have a look here. Quite a comprehensive list of acronyms too.

Aggregate – Apart from the usual terms you’d expect in a glossary, this one also contains explanation for various agencies, programmes or systems related to the sector of ecology, particularly in a construction context.