27 drugs glossaries

Legal and illegal drugs explained – from street lingo to technical and medical terms, all you need in one place. Whether you are researching for a translation or preparing for an interpreting assignment, one or more of these glossaries will definitely help. Read the descriptions to help you choose the one(s) you need.

No Slang – Drug slang is constantly changing and evolving, and it’s important to stay up to date with it. To that end, here is a drug slang dictionary.

Indiana University – Street lingo is very different from the ones you read in books, especially when it comes to drugs. Equipped with a friendly search function, this street drug slang dictionary is a great source of information.

Weed Farmer – This is a dictionary of terms and terminology related to cannabis and marijuana growing and ‘farming’.

Marijuana Dictionary – As suggested by the name, a dictionary of marijuana related terms, organised alphabetically.

Pass Your Drug Test – A very comprehensive dictionary of terms related to recreational drug use: it contains slang, lingo, and also technical terms.

420 Dictionary – Over 3,400 words defined! From phrases and terminology to hip hop slang, images, history and marijuana nicknames.

Current Drug Slang – Quite a reliable source of information on current drug slang terms, which you can browse alphabetically and by the four categories listed in the beginning.

National Institute on Drug Abuse – A short but handy list of terms related to abuse and addiction of prescription drugs.

Just Think Twice – Browse through a list of drug-related terms and terminology people use when talking about drugs.

U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime – Terminology related to demand reduction of drugs, in almost 100 downloadable pages from the reliable United Nations.

European Comission – Another glossary on drug control policy terms and terminology and their definitions, organised alphabetically.

Wellness Proposals 1 – This glossary of drug related terms provides definitions for slang and street lingo related to drugs, as well as information on the common categories of drugs.

Wellness Proposals 2 – When discussing addiction, you may encounter a number of specific phrases and words. To understand them, here is a drug, alcohol and substance abuse glossary.

Drugs Training – A short list of terms related to drugs, defined and explained.

Drug Info – When working in the AOD sector (alcohol and other drugs), you may encounter specific terminology as well as acronyms, listed on this helpful website.

Australian Drug Information Network – From Australia’s leading alcohol and drug search directory, an encompassing and alphabetically organised glossary of terminology related to drug use.

Frank – Accompanied by a useful search function, this glossary provides extensive information on each drug: definition, appearance, effects, risks and law regulations.

University of Tampere – An encompassing glossary of street slang for drugs and drug-related activities.

WebMD – A guide to understanding drug lingo for parents: the key terms related to drugs defined.

The Vaults of Erowid – A website dedicated to clarifying drug slang and terminology, cross-referenced and with information and illustrations on each drug.

DrugRehab – Shorter than others, but still quite comprehensive: a glossary of street drug names.

Girls Health – A great source of information on drugs, with the effects of each of them explained, their appearance and the possible dangers.

Expomed – A 25 page downloadable document dedicated to the street names related to drugs and drug trade.

The Good Drugs Guide – An illustrated glossary of legal and illegal drugs, with a short definition for each of them.

About – A collection of photos of commonly abused drugs, illegal, as well as prescription medication, with guidelines to recognising them.

Recovery Zones – A short glossary of terms with a focus on designer drugs, what they look like and how they are used.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program – The A to Z of drugs, from acamprosate to zydone, some of them illustrated.