59 construction glossaries

A comprehensive collection of glossaries covering the field of construction – from general terms to very specific terminology of construction in the Lithic era and some multilingual glossaries as well, you will probably find what you need here. We have added descriptions to help you decide.

Allwords – This glossary of construction terms explores all the meanings of the words listed (including those meanings that are not strictly related to constructions).

Ameco – This glossary is mainly focused on terms commonly used in the solar heating industry.

Angelfire – You can find here an alphabetically ordered list of the most common terms used in building and constructions. Furthermore, some of the terms are also translated into French and Romanian.

Baker Street Builders – This glossary’s original purpose was that of offering information to home buyers on basic construction terminology. Therefore, you can expect to find here a list of basic terms which are explained in an easy-to-understand way.

Boreal Forest – This glossary is focuses on both construction-related terms and wood product terminology.

Boudillion – This glossary is rather atypical, because it focuses on terminology related to constructions from the Lithic era in New England.

Builder Space – This glossary/ dictionary of construction terms covers a large number of words, so there is a high chance that you will find what you are searching for.

Castle Terminology – This website has put together an extensive list of terms related to castles and to their building structures.

Charles Sturt University – Although this is a list of ‘common construction terms’, the number of words is very large, so you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Collective Designs – A construction glossary perfect if you are looking for short but comprehensive definitions.

construction Sector in Central and East Europe – This glossary focuses especially on terms related to construction in Central and Eastern Europe (mostly, the terms are related to the practices of the industry there).

constructions Materials – This glossary of construction terms will give you a fair number of words, as well as sub-categorising some of them.

Consumer Build – This is also a glossary of construction terms. Due to its large number of words, it is likely that you will find what you want (if you haven’t found it in the previously-mentioned glossaries).

Cornell University – In addition to general construction terms, this glossary also contains terms related to the legal and financial side of the industry.

Corrugated Metals – This glossary is centred on terminology related to corrugated metals used in construction.

Cudahy – A glossary of construction terms mainly focused on roofs and roof-repairing.

Custom Contractors – This glossary contains both general construction terms and terms connected to construction contracting.

Dave Brewer – This construction glossary is mainly focused on the parts of a building and on the terms related to it.

Dave Osborne – This construction glossary contains general terms, but it may prove more useful due to its illustrations.

Dee Concrete – A glossary that will prove a great resource if you are looking for terms connected to construction and concrete.

Smith, Currie & Hancock – This is another glossary of general construction terms, but the words in the list are slightly different than in the other glossaries.

Great Possibilities – Although the number of words in this glossary is not very large (and, in itself, the glossary is rather difficult to use), it can be useful if you are looking for terminology related to garage doors.

Hancock Joist – This is another specialised glossary of construction terminology, focusing on joists and structural construction.

Hemant Gandhi – This is a glossary focusing mostly on the terminology used by construction contractors.

Home Building Manual – This glossary has been created to give users a better understand of how a home is built. Therefore, you can expect the terms to be explained in an easy-to-understand way, even if you are not a construction professional.

J.H. ProofRock – A glossary with a special focus on commercial construction terminology.

Mason Contractors Association of America – A fairly large number of terms connected to masonry and each of them is explained in a comprehensive way.

Metal Building – A glossary focusing exclusively on metal building (processing, techniques, etc.)

Michael Roberts – On this website you will be able to find explanations for various terms related to building (such as materials, techniques, and so on).

Migrant Service Centers – This glossary has a great advantage over the other glossaries presented here: it can be checked out even if you are offline (since it is a PDF and you can save it on your computer).

Modtech – This is a modular construction glossary of terms. Regarding the structure of this webpage, it has to be mentioned that you have the possibility of sharing links to one particular word (instead of sharing the whole glossary).

Moxie International – This glossary contains the most important terms connected to the area of concrete construction.

MTA – Again, this is a PDF glossary of construction terms. However, it contains only the most basic terms (as compared to the other similar glossary presented here).

My Tradition Home – This PDF glossary is probably the one containing the largest number of words related to construction.

Nachi – On this website you can find a glossary of construction terms focused especially on air conditioning-related terminology.

National Contractors Licence Bureau – In addition to the other general construction glossaries presented here, you may want to check this one out as well (if you could not find the term you were looking for in other places or if you are looking for more definitions of a specific term).

Nebraska Department of Roads – This is a glossary centred on road design construction related terminology. Furthermore, you can save it and check it out when you are offline as well.

Paths for All – This is a great resource if you are looking for terms connected to path construction. In addition to the easy-to-understand explanations, there will be pictures for each term, as well as cross-reference links which make understanding even easier.

Pool Center – If you are searching for terms related to pool construction, then this glossary will prove very useful for you.

Ridgecon – This glossary is centred on terminology that is connected to roof construction. In addition to a large number of terms, you will also find here a picture describing all the parts of a roof.

Robsons – A great resource when trying to understand general construction terms. You will find here a large number of words and, on top of that, a downloadable poster describing all the parts of a house.

Roof Help – Again, this is a glossary focusing on roof construction. The number of words listed here is very large (and it includes names of associations that activate in this field), therefore the possibility of finding what you are searching for is also higher.

Sound Home Resource Center – This construction glossary is aimed at home owners, therefore understanding the terms should be quite easy.

Southwest Florida construction – On this website, you will be able to find a glossary focusing on window and door construction terminology.

STS construction Services – This construction glossary contains a series of basic terms and they are arranged according to the area of construction with which they deal (remodelling, restoration, etc.)

Sustainable construction – Here you will be able to find terms that are connected to sustainable construction and renewable energy.

TATA Steel – Another general construction glossary, focusing on those terms that are quite commonly encountered by home owners/home buyers.

The Hendrix Group – A construction glossary focusing mostly on corrosion-related terminology.

The Pacific Steamkeepers Federation – This glossary brings together two related fields: that of construction and that of engineering.

Timken – You can find here some of the most important terms used in steel construction.

Trinity Real Estate Solutions – A very clean and easy to use glossary. It does not contain a large number of words, but the definitions are simple and can be used by non-professionals.

U.S. Bellows – A glossary centred on terminology frequently used in metal joint construction.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – This glossary has been put together on an official American Government website and it focuses on key-terms you will most likely come across in the fields of home construction, repair and maintenance.

United States Department of Labor – The terms in this construction glossary are split into five parts: general construction, electrical incidents, falls, struck-by and trenching, and excavation.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – This is a list of the most basic terms encountered in the field of Cement construction.

University of Iowa Libraries – A great resource if you are looking for terms connected to bridge construction (a fair number of words, clear and to-the-point explanations).

Viva Next – A glossary featuring a rather short number of very basic construction-related terms.

Xactware – A general construction glossary aimed both at beginners and experts. The glossary itself is very easy to use, the definitions are short and easy to understand and the number of words is quite large.

ZumBrunnen – This is a very useful PDF if you are looking for terms connected to construction Management and LEED-related terminology.