100 computer, internet & software glossaries

Last updated 31 July 2020

On this page you will find lots of glossaries with terms related to computers, hardware, software, programming and Internet. They are arranged by category and accompanied by a short description of the terms they contain to help you easily locate the glossary you need.

Computer terms – general

Computer Dictionary – Technology, Network and Internet Terms and Definitions

Cryer – IT and Computer related terms and acronyms

DIAMANT Informatique – Computer terms glossary

Foldoc – Definitions of acronyms, jargon, programming, networking and much more

helpwithpcs.com – Computer jargon buster

Hyper Dictionary – Almost 14,000 computer-related terms

IBM 1 – IBM software and hardware

IBM 2 – IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence terms and definitions

IBM 3 – IMS™ terms and definitions

IBM 4 – WebSphere Cast Iron Studio Help

IF4IT – Information Technology Terms and Phrases

Intel – General Terms

Jonstorm – Jargon and acronyms explained

Netadvanatge Marketing – SEO terms

Oracle 1 – A-Z glossary of tech terms

Oracle 2 – On-demand glossary to complete the previous ones

PC Tech Guide – Computer related definitions

PC.net – Definitions of Computer and Internet Terms

saugus.net – Computer Terms Glossary

Tech Terms – The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary + quiz + term of the day

TechDictionary – Computer, Internet and telecommunications terms and acronyms

Technology Dictionary – Over 14,000 technology and computer related terms

Webopedia – A list of short glossaries split into categories

What is – Search definition or browse alphabetically


Apple Developer – Accessing Hardware From Applications

Directron has created a number of glossaries centred on hardware terminology:

Hardware Associates – Hardware terminology

IBM – Power Systems glossary

Javvin – Computer Hardware Terms

Magellan hardware – CD & DVD Related Terms, Types and Formats

PC Hardware – Hardware glossary

TechTerms – Hardware terminology


Apple Developer comes to the rescue again with a number of software terminology-related glossaries:

Barr Group – Technical terms related to Embedded Systems

CNC GmbH – IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) glossary

FDA – Computer systems software development terminology

Handy Backup – Backup and recovery software terms

Intel – Virtualization

McAfee – McAfee Threat Glossary

Microsoft 1 – MMC Terminology

Microsoft 2 – Security terms

Microsoft 3 – ODBC Glossary

Microsoft 4 – Message Queuing

Oracle – Terms used in the documentation for BEA WebLogic Platform

Tech Terms – Computer terms from the Software category

Internet and networking

Apple Developer 1 – Networking Concepts

Apple Developer 2 – Networking Overview

Directron – Network

Intel – Networking Terms

Matisse – Internet Terms

SNIA – Storage networking, data, and information management terminology

PC.net – Definitions of Computer and Internet Terms

Xorcom – A glossary covering terms in the fields of IPBX, VoIP and Asterisk