56 beauty, make-up, hair care and accessories glossaries

The fascinating field of beauty has got various areas as well as its own lingo. This is why we have put together a number of glossaries to help you with those terms. The glossaries have been split into categories for ease of use. The descriptions will help you decide which glossary is the one you need.

Hair and accessories

About – On the About.com website, you will be able to find a list of some of the most important terms connected to black hair (styles, maintenance, etc.).

As I Am – This is a list of terms connected to natural hair styling (and it also includes common abbreviations encountered in the field of hair styling).

Lee Stafford – A nice glossary that contains terms related to hair styles and types of haircuts.

Bernstein Center for Hair Restauration – On this website you will find a glossary focusing specifically on hair loss-related terminology. Furthermore, you can find further information related to this subject, such as the anatomy of the hair, for instance.

Cover Your Hair – A lovely resource on terminology related to hair accessories and hair coverings.

Created Hair – This is a rich, great glossary focusing on terms related to wigs.

Good Salon Guide – A lot of terms related to hair and beauty have been listed in this glossary.

Hair Dreams – Not many words listed in this particular hair glossary, but they are more focused and you may not have encountered them in other similar glossaries.

How-To Hair Girl – A nice list of terms related to hair and DIY hair techniques.

Loxa Beauty – A great resource if you want to find out more about hair colour terminology (pictures are also included when necessary).

My Head Coverings – A wonderful glossary listing some of the most important types of head coverings.

Nais Hair – A list of terms which are all connected to hair extensions (techniques, types, etc.)

The Hair Styler – The most popular terms connected to hair colour are listed in this glossary.

Thirsty Roots – This glossary is centred on natural curly hair-related terminology (from types of natural curly hair to products used for its maintenance).

Tufts University – A glossary of the English hair styles and hair coverings used throughout the ages (from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Middle Ages). Great photos/illustrations are included!

UK Hairdressers – A glossary focusing mostly on techniques encountered in hair salons and on ingredients found in the products used here.

Simply Wigs – Another great resource for those of you searching for terminology connected to wigs. Use this glossary if you haven’t previously found the definition of a particular word, especially since it is richer than other glossaries on the same topic.

Universal Hair – This list covers the most important terms connected to salons.

Web MD – A glossary of hair loss-related terminology, but this time the number of words in it is slightly larger.

With This Bling – This website has put together a short, but wonderful list of terms connected to bridal hair accessories.


Au Naturale Meaningful Make Up – This may be a shorter glossary, but its terms are quite interesting, as they are related to make-up products based on natural ingredients.

Bare Escentuals – For many people out there, a face brush is just a face brush. Professionals know, however, that there are many types of face brushes and each one has its own use. This glossary’s purpose is precisely covering these special brushes and the explanations behind them.

BeautynBuzz – Some of the most popular make-up products are explained in this glossary.

Escentual – A brief outline of some of the most commonly used terms related to make-up.

Glamarific – A glossary listing common make-up related terms (both related to types of make-up and tools used in this trade).

Hair and Makeup Artist – A glossary of terminology related to techniques, products and other words related to hair and make-up.

The Beauty Book – This glossary does not focus on general beauty-related terms, but on those particularly encountered in the make-up artists’ industry.

Make-Up USA 1 – This glossary analyses thoroughly some terms that are commonly encountered as ingredients of certain cosmetic products. There is not a very large number of terms listed, but the explanations given are quite detailed.

Make-Up USA 2 – Quite a lot of terms connected to cosmetic products, their ingredients and common terms encountered in the field.

Making Cosmetics – When it comes to cosmetics ingredients terminology, this is probably one of the richest glossaries on the Internet.

Judith August Cosmetic Solutions – This webpage brings together two short glossaries, one focusing on types of make-up and types of concealers and one focusing on types of skin conditions.

Beauty and skin care

Aleida Morel – This is a bilingual glossary that contains a large number of beauty-related words in English and their Spanish translation.

All Indian Site – A glossary that brings together terms both connected to beauty and to Indian culture/spirituality (such as ‘chakras’, for instance).

Allure – This site has put together a list of the most commonly used terms in the field of skin care.

Associated Skin Care Professionals – A glossary covering words from a fairly wide range of fields related to skin care: natural skin care, Indian beauty techniques and products, and so on.

Beaut-Ie – A short glossary based on some of the most encountered ingredients found in beauty products.

Beauty Connection – This website has put together a list of some of the most popular terms you will most likely encounter on the package of your beauty products.

True Natural – This glossary lists a lot of terms related to beauty products (including ingredients, processes and so on).

Cult Beauty – This beauty glossary is split into multiple sub-categories: treatments, hair types, complexion, skin types, specific concerns and age range.

Fenjal – This is a beauty glossary containing terms that are related both to beneficial beauty product ingredients and to harmful ones.

Free Beauty Tips – A beauty glossary with a fairly large number of words and brief, easy to understand explanations.

Fresh! Food for Your Skin – Natural beauty has its own terminology and this glossary was created to cover this particular niche.

Khana Pakana – A list of terms which are mostly related to natural ingredients encountered in beauty products.

Lale Beauty – A glossary with a rather short number of terms, all focused on common beauty products ingredients.

British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology – This website has put together 7 glossaries, all related to beauty: alternative therapies, body treatments, hair removal, hands and feet, heat treatments, the face and wellbeing. A great resource!

Comvita – A glossary focusing on the most popular terms related to skin and beauty ingredients.

Marie Claire – Some of the less known terms connected to beauty products ingredients are listed in this glossary.

Mobile Beauty – This is an extensive list of terms connected to beauty, health and hair. A lot of words and brief and easy-to-understand explanations.

Peter Lamas – Another glossary of beauty-related terminology. Good for those of you who may not have found one particular term in other glossaries, as well as for those of you who are searching for an alternative definition.

Prevention – Prevention has put together a list of beauty-related terms (with a focus on ingredients beauty products may contain). A good, quite rich and definitely reliable resource.

Sher Ray Organic Cosmetics – Most of the words here are related to skin and skin care.

Skin and Beauty Glossary – A glossary focusing on dermatological terms you are likely to encounter in the field of skin care.

Soft Spoken – The explanations given in this beauty glossary are, generally speaking, rich and very detailed (which you may find useful if you are looking for a more in-depth understanding of a term).

The Organic Salon – Organic does not always only refer to food, but to beauty products and techniques as well, and organic beauty terminology is exactly what this glossary explores.

True Beauty Tips – A great general beauty glossary with complete explanations and photos that will make understanding certain terms much easier!

Stzle Us Up – While some of the words in this beauty glossary have been mentioned in others as well, there are some more contemporary terms (mostly on the slang side) that you may not have encountered before.