25 banking glossaries

The terminology used in banking may be one of the most jargon-laden ones out there. If we add all the abbreviations and acronyms, we’ve got a pretty complicated task deciphering texts used in this field. But the glossaries below will definitely shed a light.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) – An encompassing glossary of banking terms and phrases, at your disposal.

Banking Guide – A glossary of selected banking terms and terminology – short and useful.

American Banker – Is one of those complicated texts on banking giving you a headache? We have the proper pill – a largely encompassing banking glossary that also includes abbreviations. Exactly what you need!

AllBusiness – A fantastic resource: more than 3,000 key terms related to banking, electronic commerce, finance, and money management, and legal regulations defined clearly and concisely.

Money Talks – Money does talk! And you need to understand what it’s saying: a 2 page downloadable glossary of banking terms at your disposal.

HSBC – If you’re interested in specific Canadian banking terms, then you’re in the right place.

1st Mariner Bank – A great resource for those who find themselves in a hurry: an easy to browse glossary of banking terms, with short and succinct definitions: straight to the point.

RBS – International trade has its own distinct vocabulary. Here is a glossary of the individual words and turns of phrase you need to know, as well as many acronyms and abbreviations.

Bank of Queensland – An awesome resource for those who know what they’re looking for: a glossary well organised into categories: personal, business and internet banking terminology.

Indiana University – A well-researched glossary of terms related to banking, from Indiana University.

Federal Bank of Chicago – 37 pages of downloadable information: list of abbreviations and glossary of terms, all organised alphabetically.

French property – A bilingual dictionary of selected banking terminology in French and English.

Peoples National Bank – A specific field of banking is online banking, and it has developed its own terminology. Figure it all out here.

Royal Bank of Canada – Curious about mortgage and its terminology? Here is a specialised glossary for your personal use.

Bankers’ Almanac – Looking to define key banking terms, phrases and words? Then take a look at this banking glossary.

Global Elite Research Center – A short but handy glossary of global banking terms, also acronyms and abbreviations.

Merchants Bank – Can’t understand the terms used in the financial services industry? Then this downloadable 10 page glossary of bank terms might help.

TD Bank – A small business glossary of terms – might contain exactly the words you need translated.

Investopedia – Yet another glossary of banking terms: by the book definitions and additional explanations from Investopedia, to make sure it’s all clear.

Finance Circle – Almost 30 pages of banking terms and terminology defined and explained. Browse it online or download it for later.

First Bank of Virginia – Browse through a list of banking terms here. Not that encompassing, but it has short and to the point explanations.

Patriot Bank – Not sure about a certain term or product? Chances are, you’ll find it here, in the Patriot Bank Glossary. Browse it alphabetically.

AllAcronyms – Acronyms are usually daunting, but chances are you’ll find what you need here: 344 banking acronyms and abbreviations.

Foreignword – A glossary of international banking and finance acronyms and abbreviations, translated into Russian.

Abbreviations – Browse 915 acronyms and abbreviations related to banking right here.