23 aviation glossaries

Last updated 31 July 2020

In the field of aviation, the terminology used is usually highly technical and not easily understood by those outside the industry. But you can decipher the lingo with the help of our glossaries which cover numerous terms and abbreviations.

Federal Aviation Administration – DBA, MWP, SMT and a bunch of other specialised acronyms. Get help from a friendly search button and debunk their meaning here.

Wiktionary – A helpful glossary of terms used especially in relation to aviation, aircrafts, airspace and aeronautics.

Aviation Terms – Browse through a multitude of aviation terminology, especially abbreviations and acronyms and their definitions.

Flight Training – 11 pages of terms to get you acquainted with the ABCs of Aviation.

Cambridge – Browse this 36-page downloadable glossary of aviation English for pilots and officers.

Civil Aviation Authority – A short 8 page glossary of aviation acronyms and their meaning.

CAPA Centre for Aviation – A glossary filled with specific terminology, lots of acronyms and abbreviations along with their meaning and some extra explanations.

Flightsim Aviation Zone – Pilots have their own language, but this glossary of aviation language might help you understand what they’re talking about.

Military Aviation Authority – A master glossary from the Military Aviation Authority: over 100 pages of downloadable information on terms, their abbreviations and their meanings.

Flying Way – For all of you trying to translate aviation related texts, here are over 5,500 terms clearly defined and explained in this amazing aviation dictionary. It also includes weights and measures conversion guide, phonetic alphabet, phrases and expressions defined and various related codes. It’s also downloadable! Highly recommended!

Air Odyssey – A great resource for anyone interested in aviation, a glossary of civil aviation and air travel terminology.

Transport Canada – Canadians speak English and French too, therefore this glossary from Transport Canada has its terms translated in French, along extensive explanations and a couple of conversion tables. Also, you can take it away in a 180-page long document if you need.

F-16 – Operational brevity words, BFM terminology and military aviation acronyms, all in this very useful glossary of terms.

Wikipedia – A glossary with a special focus on USSR Russian aviation organisation acronyms, containing Russian terms and their English translation.

Federal Aviation Administration – An important part of aviation is air traffic management, which has its own terminology. Browse this glossary of air traffic management terms, or download it in a handy PDF format at the click of a button.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Pilot talk is formed mostly of acronyms and abbreviations. Here is a list of abbreviations and acronyms often used in the aviation industry.

Office of Instector General – Yet another glossary of air traffic management terms and terminology, downloadable and with lots of additional information.

FlightAware – Curious about which aircraft you’re going to fly in on your next trip? Here is a list of all airborne aircrafts from Flightware, with a map of their flight paths.

NASA – NASA provides you with a glossary of aircraft and air travel terminology, equipped with a ‘download to PDF’ option.

Airbus – From a leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus, a handy glossary of aviation terms and abbreviations to help you translate that pilot talk.

Ranker – A fantastic resource for anyone interested in airplanes: a directory of aircrafts listed by manufacturer, accompanied by pictures.

Wikipedia – A short list of aviation terms, separated in two categories: pertaining to airports and aircrafts.

Riga International Airport – A list of airport terms and terminology provided by Riga International Airport. Very handy and useful.