47 accounting glossaries

Accounting lingo, acronyms, auditing jargon – all the terms you need are in these glossaries. Read the short descriptions to help you choose the right one.

Arnold Hill & Co LLP – This A-Z glossary of accounting terms will help you grasp the meaning of some regularly used terminology in the field. What we like most about it is that the definitions are short and easy to understand.

The New York State Society of CPAs – An extensive glossary containing almost all accounting terms and their respective definitions.

Accounting Coach – Again, a very thorough glossary of accounting terms where you can also search them alphabetically and read concise and accurate definitions of each word.

VentureLine – VentureLine claims to have compiled the largest online accounting dictionary, with over 4,000 definitions. This page has the great benefit of having a Search box where you can just type the word you’re looking for and go to it directly.

Glencoe – Again, an encompassing glossary, this one provided by Glencoe. All the words and definitions are listed on one page, but you also have the option of searching them alphabetically.

e-conomic – Here we have another list of accounting and financial terms; we would venture to say slightly smaller than the previous ones, nevertheless quite useful in terms of the definitions and explanations provided for each word.

SmartPros – SmartPros provides a list of auditing jargon. It’s not as encompassing as the first glossaries, however you may find a few terms that were not mentioned in the other ones.

Wikipedia – Wikipedia has also created an accounting terms list, which is very useful if you need extensive explanations and descriptions for certain words or phrases. You can access the definitions of each term on separate pages, with in detail explanations provided so that you can get a full understanding on the subject matter.

Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants – The Washington Society of CPAs has put together a list of the most important terms related to accounting and financing in their view. Some of them may be specific to the Washington area, so if you’re looking for information pertaining to this state, this might be the glossary for you.

Accounting Financial Service – This is an alphabetically categorised glossary, where you can search the terms you’re looking for directly. Some of the terms are related specifically to the University of California, but there are also general terms included that may come in handy in your search for relevant definitions.

This Way to CPA – Next we have a glossary that was designed primarily to help CPAs with any difficult terminology they may encounter, however it makes a great resource for translators as well.

California Department of Finance – This is a downloadable glossary of accounting and financing terms compiled by the California Department of Finance.

c21accounting – Here we have another downloadable glossary in a PDF format, which includes lots of pertinent information in the areas of financing, accounting and auditing.

ITS Education – With over 3,000 terms defined, this is an excellent resource that gathers definitions from the fields of accounting, business and economics.

Accounting Education – A glossary of accounting terms with more detailed explanations.

Duke Financial Services – Another extensive glossary of accounting terms where you can search for definitions directly.

American Institute of CPAs – A downloadable glossary of accounting terms, abbreviations and acronyms. It’s 20 pages long and has words used predominantly in the US.

allBusiness – AllBusiness presents an accounting dictionary with 2,500 words clearly defined and explained along with general practices. There’s also a Search box for quick definitions.

Cougar Mountain – A list of some of the most important terms used by accountants. There’s no Search box, however all the terms are listed on one page and the font is bigger, so it might be easier to browse through.

Investopedia – Investopedia offers quite a comprehensive list of accounting and auditing terms, along with detailed definitions and explanations for each of them.

Investor Words – This is a large list containing words related to accounting, auditing and investing. You can search words directly or look for them alphabetically.

Accounting Institute Seminars – Accounting Institute Seminars has compiled a short dictionary of terms that have appeared in the CPA auditing exam, so it’s a helpful resource for all aspiring auditors, as well as people interested in this field.

Wiley – Wiley provides all glossary terms for both volumes of the book ‘Intermediate Accounting’, Sixth Canadian Edition. You can search definitions by chapters or alphabetically.

Accounting for Everyone – This glossary was meant as a guide to credit, debits and double-entry bookkeeping and is divided into two sections: one contains terms from A to M and the other one from N to Z.

Buzzle – This is a comprehensive list of terms and acronyms related to bookkeeping and accounting.

Accounting Services for Business – An accounting agency from the UK has also put together a comprehensive glossary of financing and auditing jargon, which you can safely consult at any time.

Accounting-teacher – Another accounting glossary with all the terms listed on one page and an additional search option.

Saylor.org – At this link you will find a PDF list of the most essential terms related to accounting and auditing.

Barnes Roffe – Barnes Roffe is one of the top accountancy firms in the UK and they’ve provided an extensive list of terms and acronyms related to this industry that is both reliable and easy to use.

All Acronyms – On AllAcronyms you will find 263 abbreviations and acronyms related to the accounting field, which you can search either directly in the Search box or alphabetically.

Accounting Dictionary – With over 4,400 terms, acronyms and abbreviations defined, this is a highly useful resource that you can turn to at any time. You can search for words either alphabetically or through the Search column.

Abbreviations – Abbreviations offers an extensive glossary of over 2,000 acronyms and abbreviations related to accounting, that are alphabetically arranged.

ICAEW – Next we have a list of acronyms and abbreviations of different organisations, associations, standards and qualifications pertaining to CPAs both from the USA and abroad.

Texas Society of CPAs – Here we have a downloadable glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations provided by the American Institute of CPAs. It’s 34 pages long and includes detailed explanations for each term.

CPA Team – This is a very extensive directory of CPA-related acronyms.

Jax Works – JaxWorks has compiled a list of acronyms related to finance and accounting, alphabetically categorised.

The Institute of Internal Auditors – Next you will find a short list of terms related to performance standards in internal auditing drafted by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

International Federation of Accountants – Here you can find a 23 page glossary that you can download. It was created by the International Federation of Accountants, so you may consider it a trusted source in the matter.

Window on State Government – This is a list compiled by the Texan Comptroller of Public Accounts and it includes the essential terms related to auditing.

Business Dictionary – Business Dictionary provides an excellent resource of accounting and auditing terms, phrases and abbreviations, where you can easily search the word you’re looking for and get a clear and concise definition.

Australian Government – Auditing and Assurance Standards Board – Next we have a short glossary provided by the Australian Government containing terms pertaining to auditing, reviewing and other related services.

Project Auditor LLC – This is a search-enabled dictionary covering terms used in financial audits, reviews, and compilations, IT audits, including security audits, SAS70 engagements, compliance reviews, quality assessments, operational audits and many more.

Auditor’s Dictionary – With over 300 pages, this is one of the most comprehensive accounting dictionaries available online. It was written by David O’Regan and it contains terms and acronyms related to finance, accounting and auditing, along with extensive definitions for each of them.

Accounting Financial & Tax – The Accounting Financial & Tax website has compiled a list of the most common acronyms used in the accounting industry worldwide.

Pearson – A financial accounting glossary provided by Pearson, containing terms used both in personal accounting, as well as by professionals.

Investis – A downloadable glossary of general accounting terms, abbreviations and acronyms provided by Investis and their US equivalents and definitions.

Open Colleges, The Periodic Table of Accounting Elements – Did you think that the periodic table is just for chemists? Well, I bet you never associated it with accounting. This glossary of accounting terms is cleverly arranged in a periodic table. Each acronym is explained and defined in clear terms. Plus we love the format!!